Three SEO Analysis Tools All Brands Should Be Using

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SEO CogsIn an age where rankings, content and minute technical adjustments matter more than ever before, webmasters and bloggers alike are frantically searching near and far for anything that can give them an advantage over the competition. A plethora of tools and tutorials exist out there that all claim to provide one benefit or another, but not all of them are truly created equally. Because there are so many, it can be difficult to scour the web in search of the best free tools available to help you prosper. As such, we have put together a list of four SEO analysis tools that all brands should be using today in order to achieve better results in search and beyond.


For anybody seeking a tool that is both free and can provide an instant review of a website, WooRank is definitely worth checking out. The difference between the free and premium version is the number of reports you can generate, but outside of that, both versions work identical to one another. WooRank will help identify problem spots in your website by assessing which pages “pass”, which pages fail and which pages need improvement to be in prime condition. By assessing elements such as marketing, SEO, mobile, user access, social signals and local optimization, you’ll have a great idea of where your site stands with just one report!

SEO Site Checkup

Pinging for SEO in today’s age requires a lot of knowledge and tools to get the job done; SEO Site Checkup may prove to be a formidable ally in the fight to do just that. This service provides value by checking your site for nearly four dozen different variables, seeing which pages meet the pre-requisite criteria for success and which ones do not. It then provides a comprehensive score (0-100) that indicates where you stand. With solid breakdowns in categories such as speed, common SEO factors, mobile functionality, social media and semantic elements, you will suddenly have insight into how your website works (and how it should).

Site Analyzer

Comparable to the preceding two services but unique in its own right, Site Analyzer will help you determine which particular categories of site maintenance and SEO need to be improved. With more than 70 different elements being assessed, scores are rendered for a half dozen separate categories that make it possible to see more deeply into your site’s SEO framework. Not only does it analyze social media and general accessibility, but it also takes into account elements such as web design and text usage to figure out where a website can be doing better. Site Analyzer is free and can be used by anyone who is pinging for SEO on a regular basis, but who wants to see improvements and find errors.


Thorough analysis of your website’s SEO performance is the only way to find mistakes and correct them. Not everyone can do this manually, so tools such as Site Analyzer, SEO Site Checkup and WooRank come in handy for sifting through the noise. By using these three free tools, you too will be able to improve all aspects of your site bit-by-bit until it is functioning as flawlessly as you desire.


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