How to Gain Exposure on Amazon

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Selling products online has never been easier, thanks to the plethora of content management systems, social media platforms, digital marketing options and search engines. If you have the ability or supply, putting that to work online can yield plenty of profit when done properly. However, many competitors are likely doing the same thing.

Many online retailers focus on promoting ads to products on their own websites, but platforms such as Amazon can be great solutions for those seeking to reach new audiences. However, being able to be seen on Amazon is a challenge in and of itself.

Today, we’ll look at what you can do to maximize your exposure on the world’s biggest online retailer.

Only Target the Right Keywords

Search engines have long been known to penalize websites that excessively use keywords: the same is true with Amazon. Its algorithms actually look at which keywords you’re indexing and targeting, and evaluates both search volume and sales generated by your brand. If you’re pinging servers with a bunch of keywords that are poor performers, then that can actually hurt your rankings in Amazon results.

Instead, focus on high-traffic terms that are likely to be relevant with your target audience. By doing so, you’ll enjoy better conversion and clickthrough rates, and continue to gain exposure over the long term.

Be Descriptive

Amazon allows brands to provide descriptions of products, specifications and other structured data. Depending on the exact categories you’re selling in, different options will appear for you to fill out. It is vital that you provide as much relevant information as possible (again, while avoiding any keyword stuffing) to ensure a relevant shopping experience for those who encounter your products.

Additionally, the use of structured data can help you rank for specific keywords and search terms without needing to further stuff keywords or use up valuable real estate in your product titles. Such smart use of descriptions and titles can help ensure that your products rank in relevant listings, thereby further boosting your exposure via sales.

Run Sponsored Ads

Amazon provides sellers with access to a comprehensive marketing platform known as Sponsored Product Ads. Through this PPC campaign based infrastructure, you can immediately begin targeting relevant audiences and pinging servers with products, all without having to wait for organic search exposure to develop. Many utilize automatic targeting with these ads to generate maximum effect initially, but advanced marketers can take advantage of more customized functions to truly target their ideal customers.

Utilize Promotions

Amazon offers a variety of promotional options, such as Lightning Deals, that allow sellers to instantly showcase their products. This can be a great way to generate initial attention and exposure among shoppers; by selling products for a lower price, you can move a greater volume of items initially. This can be helpful in generating reviews and repeat business, both of which help make it easier for future customers to find you.

Amazon is a massive platform for online businesses: when used properly, it can launch a business to the next level. By following the above tips, your business can begin moving products quickly and gain the exposure it needs on this gigantic marketplace.

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