What Is Your Content Marketing Plan for 2014?

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Marketing 2014With a new year now in full swing, thousands of webmasters and content creators have been considering the new possibilities and opportunities that will manifest in 2014. A slew of big announcements and predictions by SEO enthusiasts and search engines alike have kindled the spirits of many, but content creation remains one of the most important elements that any webmaster or blogger can consider in the coming year. What have you considered for your content marketing plan in 2014? Will you take on a new topic or subject, or will you attempt to reach out to new audiences through a different platform? Whatever the plan, there are a few common elements that need to be considered before any comprehensive plan is implemented. In the following article, we will discuss these elements so that you can be better prepared for all that 2014 will bring.

Know Your Topics

A new year brings new opportunities, but you should not throw yourself or your brand into the mix head-first without a plan. Many people use times like these as an opportunity to shift their focus to a new topic or subject: the beginning of the year is the best time to consider what you may wish to cover and develop a solid plan for how to do this. We advise that you begin pinging search engines for prospective keywords and phrases, and use these as a brainstorming session for potential topics in the coming year. Once you have settled upon a couple of different topics, brainstorm further to find out sub-topics and potential titles that will be interesting to your readers. By developing a plan early on and sticking to it throughout the year, you will have a higher likelihood of success throughout 2014.

Consider Your Audience

Especially true if you already have a developed fan base or following of readers, you will need to consider the implications that any shift in a content marketing plan will have on your brand in the coming year. Will your readers respond positively to the changes you have made? Will your content marketing plans bring in an audience that is different than your current audience? These considerations must be hashed out before you can develop a solid plan for 2014. By knowing your audience’s favorite news sources, desires and interests, you can create a complementary plan that will grow your audience and cater to your existing market at the same time.

Social Media and SEO Strategies

Any content marketing plan is doomed to fail if you do not have the proper social media and SEO strategies in place to augment its presence. Social media can be one of the best ways to distribute your content to new markets, while SEO ensures that those who search specifically for like-minded content will be able to find yours. There are many different metric and analytics solutions available to help you keep track of your progress on these fronts, so do not be hesitant to utilize one in the coming year. Quality content is also an ever-growing consideration in SERPs; as you are pinging search engines with content over the coming year, keep this in mind.

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