Four Tools and Resources for Boosting Your Conversion Rates

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Fours BoardsWhether you are a non-profit that is seeking to boost volunteer engagement or a local business that wants to expand its customer base online, one of the most important metrics you will need to monitor is your conversion rates. This has always been a struggle for brands – particularly in the days where the term “conversion rate” didn’t really exist, despite its consistent importance in how well we do online. Lately, however, a variety of tools, programs and resources are making it easier for us to keep track of our success and failure, but plenty of people still do not take note of this potential. To help make sure you’re aware, we’ll discuss four tools and resources that can boost your conversion rates and improve success beginning today.

Conversion Rate Experts – General Knowledge Blog

While they may be a bit bias when it comes to the name, Conversion Rate Experts is one of the most trusted conversion rate optimization hubs in the business. Those seeking to improve their conversion rates will be able to find plenty of helpful articles that outline strategies, as well as peruse a variety of services offered directly by the company. These guys provide customized services depending on your needs, so you’ll most likely need to contact them first in order to craft a specified plan for your needs.

Which Test Won – A/B Testing

A huge component of optimized conversion strategy is understanding just how important A/B testing can be in the process. You need to have the best version of your ad copy or pitch in order to boost conversions, and Which Test Won is a site that can help shed light on the tactics that work. Each week, the company releases the results of an A/B testing after pinging servers, and visitors can vote on which they thought did best before seeing the results. A paid membership is also available, which allows you to access more than 400 different A/B testing scenarios with results.

KISSMetrics Case Studies – Article

One particular article available from KISSMetrics can be of great assistance when comparing your efforts across multiple platforms in an attempt to see which works best. KISSMetrics’ published an article that highlights the results of 100 different case studies – many of which include photos and summaries for each set of findings. In this set of findings, you’ll get an idea of how just about any variable can impact your conversion rates, which is a must-have for novices and experts alike. Since it’s a free solution in a world where money and time are both inherently valuable, you’ll want to bookmark this resource for future reference.

QuickSprout’s Guide to CRO

Last but not least, QuickSprout provides an array of services in marketing and conversion optimization for pinging servers with conversion in mind; one free resource you can take advantage of through them is their Definitive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization. This multi-chapter guide features all the information you could ever want to know about conversions – namely, increasing them. With a graphic format that makes it easier to absorb in bits and pieces, you’ll be able to sit down and master the art of conversions one chapter at a time.

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