Great Ideas for Drumming Up New Blog Ideas

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Whether you’ve run into writer’s block or you simply want to prepare for the future, it can be frustrating to sit down and come up with nothing. Bloggers and writers the world over know this struggle all too well, and it is one that very difficult to overcome without a change of perspective. Many bloggers like to think of new ideas and topics in advance as one way to avoid writer’s block when the clock is ticking. Whether you are having trouble with coming up with new ideas or you simply want to try some new methods of brainstorming, we’ve put together a list of some great ideas that’ll help you find new blog topic ideas in no time.

Spy on the Competition

Plagiarism is wrong, but sneaking a peek at what your competition is doing is perfectly acceptable. Your competitors are likely covering many of the same topics and angles as you, but they may occasionally come up with a new idea that you hadn’t considered. Coupled with your own unique sense of style, you can then begin pinging your website with a fresh take on a topic that you otherwise wouldn’t have considered. Perfect for getting over writer’s block when it comes to topics, scanning what the competition is doing provides you with fresh ideas – but also provides more obvious benefits than just new ideas.

Request an Interview

Expert discussions along with Q&A sessions are always highly popular among audiences, so why not plan ahead for one with an expert in your field? The great thing about this particular idea is that you can approach it in a variety of ways. You could do a standard blog post-style interview, or you could opt for a video conference or podcast instead. Whatever method is best for your audience, the content is ultimately what matters most. By connecting your blog with industry and niche leaders, you help to further cement your position as one of authority in your field. Not to mention that recording a live exchange can be a lot whole easier than hammering out a blog post from scratch.

Constantly Read

The brain is primed to think when it is being exposed to new information. If you’re the type to just sit down and think about new ideas without exposing yourself to information, then no wonder it might be difficult to come up with fresh material! By reading as much both inside and out of your niche as possible, you’ll be sure to keep the creative juices flowing. This will help you ultimately recognize a good comparable idea when you see it and give you the ability to translate into something relevant. In no time at all, you’ll be pinging your website with tons of new topics and ideas.

If you’re struggling for ideas or merely want to rack up a surplus for the future, then consider how constantly reading, interviewing experts and spying on the competition can help you uncover new types of content and ideas. With these approaches, you’ll be able to drum up plenty of new ideas in no time at all. Do you use any other methods to find fresh ideas? Tell us in the comments below what works for you.


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