Are You Prepared for Black Friday?

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Black FridayA lot of businesses look forward to Black Friday to boost their sales numbers for the fiscal year, do first-time business with loads of new shoppers and strengthen their positions within their given niches. At the same time, Black Friday sales and promotions are often so hectic that business owners don’t know if they’re fully prepared to meet the demands of eager shoppers until there’s little time left. Going over the basics involving your business’s Black Friday plans will confirm whether you’re ready for action or if additional preparation is needed.

Handling Increased Sales Volume

On Black Friday, you can expect to be inundated with shoppers. In fact, you should anticipate website traffic rates increasing in the days leading up to that day, and you should also notice more activity pertaining to the items that are the most deeply discounted or otherwise interesting to customers. Use recent data on where your website visitors are spending the most time so you’re aware of what items will sell out fast on Black Friday.

Additionally, you should have extra workers or help on hand to contend with increased orders, customer inquiries and requests, and payment processing. Even after Black Friday ends, you’ll be completing and processing orders as they come in droves. If you can avoid planning any events, trips or events that would cause you to devote a large portion of your energy to any other task during Black Friday, that would be prudent.

What to do During Technical Difficulties

Since anything can happen on Black Friday, you should ensure that your website is fully functional during the time you run any sales. While you can’t anticipate having difficulties with your server or Internet connection stability, your company can and should tests its defences beforehand. Make sure that your data is backed up, talk to your web host about usage surges and have an alternative method for customers to complete their orders should a technical issue cause your website to become inaccessible. Remember that some internet shoppers only patronise e-commerce stores during this time period, so strongly worded complaints can be expected if their shopping plans are derailed.

Expect the Unexpected

If you have your items well stocked and extra staff available to jump in when operations get out of hand, all you can do is wait for the fated day to arrive. Although a considerable amount of planning should go into pre-Black Friday sale preparations, you also need not agonise over things that have not yet gone wrong. If this is not your first time preparing for a Black Friday sale, think back to what worked well and what didn’t go as planned last time. Business owners can easily draw on past learning experiences to help them avoid repeating history.

Begin making your company’s plans for Black Friday soon and make your staff feel more excited about what is definitely going to be an insanely busy day. Although things will be stressful while you’re trying to work through Black Friday, in the end you will be working to make your company a stronger force in the industry. Getting through Black Friday is just like getting through any other major sales event, only better.

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