Facebook’s Projections and Predictions for a Future in Mobile

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Futuristic MobileWe all probably know by now that mobile is set to dominate the future of online interaction. From social media to local search, mobile devices are surging when it comes to how people prefer to access their favourite forms of content. By 2020, a majority of internet traffic will be coming through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, so it is important that brands adapt to this changing climate. Especially considering that search engines are already penalizing those that do not, now is the time to act. Facebook’s technology head recently outlined several predictions and projections for the future of mobile, and we think these predicted trends are worth sharing. Continue reading to find out more about them.

Phones Will Continue to Plummet in Price

There are four stages for any piece of technological equipment: it is first expensive and clumsy, then pricey and functional, established and affordable, and finally, perfected and cheap. As emerging markets continue to come online by the tens of millions, cell phone manufacturers are likely to enter a pricing war that will fuel the final stage of this technological process, leading to better devices that cost a fraction of what they do today.

Mobile Shopping Will Expand

Estimates suggest that mobile and online shopping current comprises around 10% of all commerce. Facebook is making the projection that new platforms will emerge in the near future that offer consumers and retailers the ability to buy and sell new things quite easily through a mobile interface. Pinging users with this type of online presence is already available through sites such as eBay and Amazon, but more effortless possibilities for quickly engaging in commerce will inevitably appear.

Mobile Networks Will Expand

Over the past few years, we have seen mobile technology in terms of network capabilities expand rapidly. The future for these networks is bright, according to Facebook, as networks will need to become more agile and stable in order to facilitate the ever-increasing demand for more content. Just as faster internet speeds for traditional devices have led to more multimedia-rich experiences, we will soon see the prevalence of 5G networks and more efficient solutions across the spectrum for those networks that operate more slowly. Facebook believes that this could be the most important trend pertaining to a mobile future of the ones mentioned.

Integrated Connections

Compatibility between mobile devices will continue to accelerate and will likely be a prime feature in the coming years. Many pieces of technology remain standalone, making them seem like luxury purchases when considering how they (do not) work with other devices. As the affordability and flexibility of mobile continues to increase, it is guaranteed that we’ll see ads pinging users with marketing that persuades us based on this functionality, rather than merely being nice and shiny accessories to have.


The future of mobile will be influenced by dozens of small changes to the way in which we shop, purchase items, sell items and more. For Facebook, however, four important trends exist. As devices become more integrated with each other, mobile networks continue to expand and improve, mobile shopping becomes more flexible and prevalent, and mobile devices plummet in price, there will be a combined organic shift to mobile technology in ways we can still only imagine.

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