How to Break the Ice as a Brand with a Boring Back Story

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Broken IceMany brands exude a sense of excitement and appeal, needing little in the way of creative story-telling to sell a product or convert a consumer. Various clothing lines, sports cars and forms of tech all may share this in common, yet they are drastically different in scope. On the other hand, plenty of brands out there struggle with the mission of improving their brand recognition and convincing others of the implicit benefits their products provide. At the end of the day, the story that a brand tells makes all the difference in the world with respect to shoppers’ impressions. If your brand is relatively “boring” by nature and you need help cultivating a different image through story-telling, then continue reading to find out more about how to break the ice with shoppers using different elements in your stories.

Adopt Their Language

There may be a huge disconnect between the language you are using to describe your brand and products, and the one that your customers “speak”. Many brands and businesses get all too focused on metrics and demographics but fail to take into account the way in which those customers actually communicate. In order to master this tactic with your audience, you will have to do a lot of listening. This will predominantly be achieved by engaging via social media and observing intently the reactions and communications of your followers – not only with you but with each other. Otherwise, the communication you use may seem like you’re pinging noise to your followers and shoppers.

Humour Can Break the Monotony

Particularly difficult for serious brands, finding a way to breach the gap between information and emotion is a common struggle when attempting to shed those boring vibes. The need for humour in all situations is vital and can help instantly paint a better picture of your brand, even in trying times. From intimate cleansers to sexual aids, many brands have found ways to address the often sensitive nature of a topic by incorporating tasteful humour. You will not be able to create a running gag in every situation, but this tactic can come in handy via social media, blog posts, infographics and more.

Feature Your Customers

Sometimes it is better to let someone else tell your story, through their own experiences. This is a way that many brands have been creating buzz for themselves for years, in part by finding willing participants who are ready to share a personal story that can be connected to some degree with the brand. In all cases there needs to be an emotional element, but there does not always have to be a direct correlation between the story and the brand. A huge part of doing this revolves around the notion of showcasing your brand in a human light and contributing to an emotional experience. This humanizes the brand and prevents it from seeming as if you’re just pinging noise in order to sell something.

Featuring your customers, adopting their language and using humour to break through the gridlock are just a few of the ways you can expand your effectiveness with readers and avoid seeming like a boring brand. What other methods have worked for you in this area? Let us know below.

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