Four Alternatives to TikTok for Brands to Try Right Now

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TikTok has had a popular run in the United States, but with its era apparently at a close, there is demand for similar content mediums. Much like Vine once dominated the short video content format on social media, TikTok exploded in growth over two years due to its inherent simplicity and flexibility.

With the demand for the types of content commonly found on TikTok not dying anytime soon, brands may be wondering what other similar platforms could be the next big thing. Thankfully, there are many emerging contenders – many may not have a shot at becoming the next TikTok, but brands need to diversify and be ready to hit it big when the next contender truly takes off.

Here are four alternatives to TikTok that are growing quickly and that are worth consideration.


Millions of people were disappointed and saddened when the “original TikTok”, Vine, closed its virtual doors. If you miss the look and feel of the OG platform, then consider Byte. By far one of the most popular TikTok alternatives not tied to an existing major social network, Byte is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Built by one of the original Vine creators, Byte allows users to create and upload 6-second videos for the masses to enjoy. It’s easy to follow those who create your favorite videos and offers useful ways to find new content – which makes it an ideal choice for brands seeking new exposure.


A relatively long-standing contender in the world of social media that is well-known, Snapchat offers many of the same benefits as TikTok for brands seeking to reach select audiences. While posting videos on Snapchat isn’t like pinging your website with content – videos shortly disappear after posting on here – it can be a unique way to recycle content and build rapport with younger audiences in particular.

Available on iOS and Android, Snapchat allows for easy sharing of videos, pictures and communication via direct messaging. One of the most active platforms in terms of sheer users, former TikTok users definitely should consider it.

Instagram Reels

A long-established platform, Instagram saw an opportunity with TikTok’s demise and created its own alternative. Known as Instagram Reels, this feature within the broader platform allows for short video creation and sharing.

While some say that it lacks the pizazz of its own community feel like TikTok and Vine, it does allow brands to seamlessly connect with a large audience and distribute video content in an already-familiar format.


For brands who really want access to a large audience and a guaranteed platform, YouTube is an obvious choice. While YouTube specializes in all videos regardless of length, plenty of brands and content creators have found success with shorter videos on this platform. Best of all and unlike some of the other TikTok alternatives, it’s easy to also enjoy pinging your website and other social media accounts with direct links or embeds to your videos.

While TikTok had a good run, it’s important to diversify your social media presence regardless of its future. These four alternatives are all viable options to consider if you want to maintain a platform through which short videos can be shared and enjoyed by audiences.

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