Are News Based Articles a Good Idea or is Evergreen Content Always Best?

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Evergreen ContentDevising the most efficient content strategy is something many bloggers, webmasters and businesses contemplate when managing their websites and blogs. Deciding on whether you will be using news-based content or static content is a tough decision for many and each method has certain advantages and disadvantages. For those trying to decide which way to go, we have put together a cheat sheet of sorts that explains each approach, as well as the pros and cons you will encounter. The final question is, “Which is better? News based articles or evergreen content?”. Continue reading to find out the verdict.

The Main Differences

News based content obviously covers news and current events, and is used consistently in content strategies to bring in new visitors to a blog or site. Within the category of news based content, there are websites that cover virtually every niche: sports, entertainment, politics and technology are just a few examples of well-covered news based content categories. Evergreen content, on the other hand, is content that is designed to be reusable and valid for long periods of time. Many common evergreen content strategies incorporate how-tos and infographics as a way of pinging for SEO while also providing valuable content to readers.

Advantages of News Based Articles

The biggest advantage to utilizing a news based article approach is that you can consistently attract new readers – and in the process, convert many into loyal readers. While each piece of content in and of itself does not have a particularly long shelf life, the strategy of constantly creating short summaries of ongoing events does give your site the benefit of providing new information constantly. This approach means that virtually everyone will find something of interest on your website at some point or another. Developing a strong marketing strategy to reach out to these individuals will help you maximize potential.

Advantages of Evergreen Content

When adopting an evergreen content strategy, the biggest benefit comes in knowing that your content will continue to be valid for long periods of time. Depending on the subject, some evergreen content may need occasional updating, but the general premise is to cover subjects that do not change in their premise. This content method helps bloggers and webmasters create content that can be used time and time again in marketing campaigns and can be a passive source of traffic to the site if you are pinging for SEO. Evergreen content typically has minimal maintenance required, making it the more popular of the two.


It really depends on what you seek from your site when selecting a particular content strategy. Those who prefer a more laid back experience while also earning passive income will select evergreen content as their favourite. If, however, you wish to ride the waves of the latest trends and capitalize upon their success, news based content can be much more lucrative – but as mentioned, requires much more attention. Knowing this, proactive bloggers and webmasters will find more success in news based content, while multitasking content creators will prefer the simplicity of evergreen content.

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