6 Reasons Why You Might Need to Change Your Website’s Domain Name

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A domain name is crucial for anyone with an online presence. A domain name tells us which business or entity we are likely to encounter when we go on a website while also telling us something about the entity itself. Anyone who owns an online business or wants to be found online has to have a great domain name. It helps people not only remember you but also find you and your business if they would like to. But, sometimes businesses change their domain names and individuals transfer theirs too. But why would businesses or individuals change their domain names?

Their Primary Business Has Changed

When choosing a domain name for a business, you should choose one that describes the business so it is easier for people to associate the domain name with it. However, if you change your business name, or the products and services you sell, your domain name will no longer be a true representation of your business and what you do.

As an individual, you might also have a personal brand that you use to build a certain type of business. If that brand changes and your primary business does too, you need to change your domain name to represent the new direction.

Your Domain Name is Too Long

The most effective domain names are short and memorable. You want people to remember the domain name and enter it into their browsers without thinking about it or looking it up.

It Uses Different Character Types

Also, if your domain name contains various character combinations, you might need to change it so it is more readable. If you must use a mix of characters, try to separate them when getting a new domain name.

You Need to Increase Traffic

Most of the SEO work businesses do is focused on getting them on the first search engine results page. However, these higher rankings do not necessarily mean people are clicking on your domain name. This translates to you not getting the traffic you should despite ranking so well.

Changing your domain name can have a significant impact on the number of people who click it. Such a domain name would be a better representation of your business and how people expect to find it online.

Also, you might need to change your domain name if it is too similar to your competitor’s. People can get confused and end up on the competitor’s website instead of yours, and you need to differentiate yourself so people come to your website instead.

You Want a Better Domain Name Extension

There are so many new domain name extensions and many of them are a better fit for different types of business than the .com, .net, and .org extensions we are used to.

A freelance designer might benefit more from using a .design extension and an app developer might benefit more from a .app one. Such a change requires a new domain name that has the new extension you want.


Changing your domain name comes with some key considerations because people are already used to your existing domain name. However, there are good reasons why you might want to do so. Just be sure this is something you have to do because changing your domain name more than once is usually not a good idea.

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