Why Am I Losing Email Subscribers?

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Losing Email SubscribersPerhaps the most effective form of marketing – even today – is email distribution. Any successful blog of business tries to keep an updated and expansive list of subscribers, and does everything it can to encourage individuals to sign up for updates, news, discounts and more. In the past, email was more of a novelty and the communication it brought to users seemed less frequent and more relevant. These days, however, we are bombarded with dozens of emails on a daily basis and it can become easy to ignore them. Sometimes, though, many people attempt to clean out their inboxes by unsubscribing from your newsletters and emails. Why does this happen and what in particular made them choose to unsubscribe from your emails? We will address the most common reasons in the following article so you can help correct the issues.

Frequency of Emails

This is by far the most common reason people unsubscribe from your emails. If you are sending out an email each day, you may think that this is a great way to make an impression. Unfortunately, this usually makes a negative impression and every email sent is a reminder or opportunity for the person to unsubscribe from your emails. If you are sending out emails more than twice per week, then you should consider cutting back in order to reduce the number of people who jump ship (unless your subscription list was built around and your customers expect daily emails). More than one-third of surveyed adults said that their number one reason for unsubscribing was due to the frequency of emails received.

Relevance of Emails

The second biggest reason why your email list may be dwindling is due to the relevance of the content you send out to subscribers. If you are pinging services or products to your readers, then you must ensure that they actually care about these things – otherwise, it is all too easy for them to simply click the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Many businesses and brands break down their email lists into various categories in an attempt to target individuals with the information that they will most likely find interesting. If you are blasting a large audience with a broad-based content, then this may be a key reason why you are losing subscribers.

External Factors

Sometimes, you lose subscribers due to factors outside of your control. The third most common reason that individuals unsubscribe from emails is due to an overload of messages in their inboxes. While under different circumstances they might allow your emails to continue arriving, some people will “purge” their inboxes by unsubscribing from several brands’ messages in order to restore order to their daily email habits. It can be frustrating to wake up and have to flip through dozens of emails, so this is understandable. Unfortunately for you, this is not something you can prevent and if you are pinging services or products, you may have to work harder to replace these individuals as they unsubscribe from your mailing lists.


While you can control the number of emails you send out and the relevance of each one, there are plenty of variables that can lead to individuals unsubscribing. If you have noticed a recent uptick in people unsubscribing, then it probably relates to one of the two aforementioned concepts. Otherwise, a steady stream of unsubscribes is perfectly normal in any form of email marketing.

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