Evergreen SEO Tactics That Will Remain Evergreen

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Evergreen SeoThere are an endless number of content strategies used by webmasters and bloggers that help get their content in front of readers and ensure a steady flow of traffic. Content can be broken up into two main categories: dynamic content, which is designed to provide late-breaking information or time-sensitive coverage, and evergreen content, which aims to be informative, reliable and helpful at any given point in time. Many people have worried about the nature of SEO’s evolution and what it means for their evergreen content strategies. If you do evergreen content correctly, you should never have to worry about SEO repercussions. What about evergreen SEO tactics, though? Below, we will discuss how you can incorporate this type of content into the greater realm of SEO and ensure strong performance for years to come.

Create Content for the Masses

Too many people make the mistake of pinging links, writing for search engines or otherwise trying to please the Google Gods that they forget about the number one element that will be important going forward: quality content. The algorithms that Google, Bing and other search engines use rely upon hundreds of things, but quality content that is enjoyed and shared by readers factors into this more than some seem to think. If you write compelling, creative content that provides a service or fills a niche, then you are sure to be rewarded. If you try to write content that is primarily designed to please search engines, however, don’t be surprised when your rankings take a hit in a future update.

Create Relationships, Not Links

In an era where link building appears to be holding less and less clout in terms of how search engines view your site, you should be striving instead to develop relationships with other like-minded bloggers and websites who share your passion. Google recently announced that link building exercises violate the terms of service and can result in webmasters being penalized. This does not mean that link building is completely dead, but it does mean that you’ll need more than a guest post to be featured on another reputable website. As you build ties with other community content creators, you can bridge this gap and ensure additional external traffic for the foreseeable future.

Create an Authorship Account

If you already have Google Plus, then you need only configure it to work with your website and attribute your content to it. As Google continues to use the Authorship function to promote quality content, you want to have as many articles and pages featured as possible through this perk. While Google has scaled back the instances of Authorship results in SERPs, there is still much to be gained. Many webmasters have reported an increase in traffic of up to 30 percent through the usage of authorship. It seems as if Authorship is here to stay, and as a Google-sponsored solution for SEO, will likely remain evergreen for years to come.


SEO is an evolving art, but some things will always be valuable to people and search engines alike. If you associate your content with Google services, build relationships in your niche that earn mentions and trust for pinging links, and create content that is people-driven – not search-driven – then you can  expect a stable amount of performance in key search results for years to come.

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