Looking for a Better Mobile Office Suite? Give Kingsoft Office a Try

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Mobile Office SuiteMost of us use our tablets for a host of different activities, from playing games that keep us occupied when we’re bored, to actually getting work done using mobile office suites like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice. But if you want to steer clear of expensive apps and you’re looking for a simplistic suite that’ll give you just what you need and nothing more, consider Kingsoft Office, a free app that’s available on both Android and Apple operating systems.

Attractive Main Features

Kingsoft Office Suite may not give you all of the same tools that you’d get with the Microsoft Office app, but what you will get is an app that allows you to view and edit word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In fact, the app supports 23 different kinds of files, including PDF files. And all Microsoft Office documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can easily be opened, edited, and saved within this app. The only downfall is that Kingsoft Office isn’t compatible with LibreOffice documents. However, you can easily get around that hurdle by resaving LibreOffice documents as Microsoft Office versions and then opening them right up.

Backup Your Data Instantly

After you save any document for the first time in Kingsoft Office, the app automatically creates a backup in case of a crash. In addition to this feature, you also have the ability to tell the app how often you’d like it to autosave so that you can continue working with the confidence of knowing your work will be available if the app crashes unexpectedly.

An Advanced Yet Simplistic User Interface

Another great feature we love about Kingsoft Office is the fact that you can have multiple documents of different types open at the same time without having to clutter your desktop. Every time you open up a new document, it appears as a tab within the app, just like the tabs in your web browser, making switching between documents a breeze.

Page Layouts Made Easy

Making documents look exactly how you want them to is simple when using the many tools that are built right into Kingsoft Office. The Paragraph Layout Tool, for example, allows you to drag and drop paragraph layouts, while other built-in tools, referred to as “Materials,” include shapes, images, arrows, buttons, and more. The Reference tab within the app also allows you to create and add footnotes and endnotes, cross-references, TOCs, and captions.

Enhanced Spreadsheet Features

Working in spreadsheets on a mobile device has never been easier. A number of formulas are available, including Autosum, Logical, Date/Time, and more. And the Recently Used option allows you to quickly retrieve and apply all of the formulas that you recently added to your spreadsheet. Plus, working with data within spreadsheets is simplified, thanks to options that include Duplicates, Sort, Forms, Consolidate, and more.

Is It Worth It?

With so many great features, it’s no surprise that Kingsoft Office is quickly becoming the most highly recognized app for those who like to do work on the go. And because you get so much for free, there’s no reason to not give it a try.

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