Three Ways to Create Great Content Quickly

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Printing PlateAt the core of any marketing or branding efforts is a struggle to attract an attention and keep their attention. Ultimately, brands that do not produce quality content will fail to build meaningful, durable audiences. This can be truly burdensome for many brands that lack the fundamental understanding of what truly makes content great. Even if you already know how to make great content, there are times where it can be difficult to get started or produce your next masterpiece. In order to speed up your content marketing process and ensure you can always generate content quickly, we’ve put together three recommendations that can be very helpful in the right situation.

Dig Through Trending Topics

If you really want to seize upon an opportunity, then you have to be aware that is exists. Fortunately, the internet is littered with indicators of what people are following, reading about, buying and otherwise engaging with each day. You can use a variety of trending topic assessments – from Google Trends and Facebook to AdSense and Twitter – to determine what stories and topics you should be pinging users with today. Additionally, a variety of community sites like Quora and Reddit may leave paper trails in terms of what people are most interested in right now, what news stories are worth digging into, and how many people are truly interested in each potential story. With a better understanding of what will perform well, you can narrow down your list of potential topics.

Re-purpose Your Existing Content

After some time, you will feel as if you have covered every subject and every angle imaginable. While this is almost never truly the case, the battle for creating great content quickly demands new insights and perspectives. You can create new and valuable pieces of content by digging into past posts and articles that you have written or created, and re-purposing them into new content. Maybe some facts regarding the subject have changed since it was published. Maybe you can combine two or three different related pieces of content into one big FAQs or how-to post. The possibilities are often endless, and there is always value in evaluating your existing content for potential improvements, revisions or other associated changes that can be made.

Talk With a Professional

Professionals and experts in your niche are a great source of wisdom, advice and information. They can also be an ideal form of new content that can be quickly created. Try reaching out to someone who qualifies as such, and confirming the method for the interview. Most people simply write down a series of questions that the expert can answer at his or her leisure, but you can go a step further if desired and try to conduct a video interview or podcast. Services like Google Hangouts are perfect for this sort of activity and can drive additional interest and hype when advertised prior to the event. Pinging users with content that reflects expert opinion will not only give you great content that can be created quickly, but it will also improve the impression you make on your audience.

What other methods have you used to create content quickly? With so many different possibilities, you’re sure to have an answer not found here. Let us know below in the comments what has worked for you in the past.


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