Creative and Unique Ways to Make Facebook Ads Work for You

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For years, businesses and brands have been enjoying the flexibility of online advertisements as a means to drive traffic to their websites. Most have discovered that social media ads in particular can provide great value; substantial exposure for next to nothing in terms of costs, it shouldn’t surprise anybody that platforms such as Facebook have become some of the most popular ad spaces.

Facebook Ads in particular gives users unbridled customization options – assuming they know how to use them. While many view ads as a way to generate purchases or visits, Facebook Ads can be configured to provide success for dozens of unique actions and results.

As such, let’s look at some creative ways you can make Facebook Ads work for your brand – even if you’re selling anything.

Generate Subscribers

Any online brand should be striving to generate as many loyal fans as possible. While some overlook it, building a mailing list is arguably one of the best marketing strategies available given its cost and effectiveness. With Facebook Ads, you can generate ads that help you do just that.

Pinging users with periodic newsletters and emails can help further generate brand awareness and boost sales. Thankfully, Facebook offers an option to customize your ads where email addresses, names and other personal information can be collected.

Promote Events in Advance

Whether you’re a small local business or an online-exclusive platform, event planning remains an important aspect of brand management. For some, an upcoming sale may be a big reason to use social media ads. For others, a meet and greet or charitable gathering may be the reason for promotion.

Whatever the case, Facebook Ads can be used to effectively promote events and upcoming happenings in advance, allowing for optimal promotion and awareness to occur well in advance of the event itself.

Generate Feedback and Opinions

Every brand should strive to gather as much feedback as possible from their customers and audiences. While most think of Facebook Ads as being a straightforward promotional tool, there are options that allow brands to collect feedback directly from audiences.

Whether you are aiming for a remarketing ad campaign or something else entirely, collecting feedback and opinions from fans, customers and even random strangers can be done with the proper configuration of an ad. You can of course use a generic ad on Facebook to also redirect to a broader survey with more questions, but sometimes, one set of comments and opinions is all you need.

Book Appointments and Consultations

For those providing services, consultations and that otherwise book appointments, Facebook Ads can offer an easy way to convert first-time viewers into reliable customers. Through the appointment scheduling feature on Facebook Ads, brands and businesses can configure the dates and times available to people, as well as how many slots are available. This lets brands start pinging users on the platform with an easy way to confirm an appointment without ever having to pick up the phone.

With dozens of unique features that can be toggled and utilized in Facebook Ads, brands of all types can really take advantage of more than simple straightforward brand promotion. Now that you’re aware of these four options, consider using them – and dig into the Facebook Ads interface even more to find additional options for your brand’s promotional efforts.

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