A Quick Walkthrough for Dealing with Facebook Reviews

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Facebook TilesSome time ago, Facebook implemented the concept of reviews for Facebook brand pages, allowing users to rate their experiences with brands and brands to open the possibility of user feedback. There are many reasons for brands and users alike to use this system: to improve overall brand recognition and authority, to weigh in on a particular experience, and so on. From the perspective of brands dealing with this concept, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to interact with reviews and whether or not to even allow them. Below, we’ll walk through these basic concepts and give users some insight into how the process can work for them when used properly.

Deciding Whether to Allow Reviews

The Facebook review system is not a mandatory nor default option – it must first be enabled. It can be enabled by visiting the “about” section and clicking on “page info”. Not all brands on Facebook are nor should be subject to the review system. In many cases, reviews only make sense for brands that deal with the general public and that provide a service or product in exchange for money. Nevertheless, weighing the potential pros and cons of pinging users for reviews and feedback must be considered before activating this feature. Are you adept at handling criticism and feedback? Can you deal with both the positive and negative attention that may be brought to the brand through this feature? Is there a possibility for review sabotage from competitors? All of these questions must be answered before an informed decision can be made.

Engaging Productively with All Reviews

If the decision to enable Facebook reviews is made, then the next step will be to effectively respond to each review. It is well-documented that the number of negative reviews a brand receives is likely to exceed the actual amount of negative opinion about a brand that exists, due to the concept that disgruntled people are more likely to speak out than perfectly satisfied people. With each review comes an opportunity to demonstrate a concerned, kind-hearted and people-oriented brand – be sure to use these opportunities as such. By thanking people for their positive reviews and sympathizing with those who have left negative reviews, you can turn any opportunity for feedback into a positive situation.

Promoting Opportunities for Reviews

In order to ensure that your overall star rating via Facebook reviews reflects the actual sentiment of the community of users, customers and followers you have, you will need to be pinging users about the need to leave reviews. After each product purchase, each marketing email sent and each day of social media content production, be sure to remind users that they can leave reviews for your brand on your Facebook page. Constant and helpful reminders of this concept will slowly but surely help your brand to receive more positive feedback, which will balance out any potential negative criticism received. Some brands have even incentivized the concept of leaving reviews by offering discounts on products or automatic entries into contests – be creative with how you encourage users to voice their opinions!

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