How to Better Connect Search Marketing with Social Media

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Annual RingsAny marketing strategy is based on the concept of synergy. This means in essence that a marketing campaign on one medium is usually designed to refer people to another source and from there, convert them and try to encourage engagement across additional mediums. For instance, a paid search campaign may wish to refer people to a website for a particular engagement and then encourage them to further engage on social media. Paid search is a very popular method for increasing traffic and other types of engagements, but it should be coupled with other efforts for maximum effect. Today, we’ll discuss how you can better connect your paid search campaigns with social media in order to achieve that.

Pique Interest with Social Media

Using the best that social media and paid search have to offer often being promoting one in order to connect to the other. However, it is a two-way street in terms of how to ensure you get the most benefit. Initial interest can be generated through the use of paid social media advertising on networks such as Facebook. By pinging users with ads on here, you can increase brand awareness, make impressions, and hopefully convert some individuals into subscribers, likes and shares. The added benefit comes later. Some will remember your brand and wish to find out more about it, at which point they’ll perform a search on Google or Bing. You can then use search engine marketing to catch them in relevant search results and maximize engagement even more.

Use Social Media for Repeated Engagement

Paid search campaigns can often be a great way to make contact with a shopper, subscriber or visitor for the first time. Once you have turned some of these individuals into loyal customers or subscribers, you can take their information – such as email addresses – and use it to specifically reach out to them. Facebook, for instance, allows brands to use email addresses in re-targeting. With this information, you’ll be able to specifically reach out to these audiences with new deals, content or requests. All of these individuals can be converted time and time again, thanks in large part to the exact specificity that Facebook ads can provide based on previous user behavior and actions.

Mimic Existing Audiences via Social Media

Facebook and some other social media advertising platforms allow users to find similarities between various audiences. Using the information mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can actually build target audiences via Facebook based on loyal customer or user characteristics already collected via paid search and social media campaigns. This can be one heck of a way to find plenty of new leads and maximize your overall marketing effectiveness when pinging users with ads.

Crush the Competition

Advertising on search engines is a brutal sport. It only makes sense to go after the competition. By using paid search to target competitors’ keywords, you can intercept traffic and then proceed to connect them with your social media platforms and websites. The natural synergy of this – even for those who do not immediately convert – ensures that brand awareness increases and that they’ll

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