Can’t Improve Search Rankings? Here Are Three Tips for Boosting Traffic Now

Search engine optimization remains one of the most popular and effective ways to grow a brand’s visibility. While there are plenty of ways to market a brand to any audience, search engine optimization sends organic traffic to your website for little to no cost in a consistent fashion. There are few options out there that offer such bragging rights.

However, there are times where organic traffic – or at the very least, an increased amount of it – cannot be generated by improving rankings. Whether you’re already at the top of your targeted SERPs or you have simply hit a wall, we’ll share with you three tips that can start boosting your website’s traffic immediately.

Target Affiliated Niches

If you have maxed out in your current, direct niche, then it may be time to take the fight elsewhere. For virtually every product, service and brand, there are auxiliary or secondary niches that relate to the primary niches you’ve already targeted. For instance, somebody pinging users with ads and links for shampoo might also begin targeting SERPs related to dandruff and hair dye. In many cases, you’ll find related yet relatively uncontested niches that can be great sources of traffic for your website – if you target them properly. In many cases, you can begin targeting these SERPs without needing to alter your content strategy or even add new products.

Tap Into Social Media Channels

While search engine optimization remains a powerful influencer on traffic, an increasing number of brands are turning to the power of social media. While SEO takes time and patience, multiple strategies via social media can deliver results in the here and now – even on the very same day! One such example is paid marketing campaigns via sites like Facebook: you can deploy targeted ads to audiences and begin generating traffic for your social media profiles, blog or website in a matter of hours.

Another popular strategy involves reaching out to any existing social media base with calls to action and shares: it’s very likely that a pre-existing audience on social media isn’t frequenting your website as often as they should, so give them a reason to visit.

Force Yourself Into Google SERPs

Whereas SEO is the slow, long slough for organic exposure and attention, programs like Google AdWords is the quick and easy route to exposure. Through this method of paid marketing, you can instantly reach audiences in any number of SERPs or rankings that you wish to target. While you may have to place a hefty bid to obtain prime real estate in Google’s ad space, the option allows you to begin reaching individuals same-day. This option should be reserved for those who have focused on SEO for some time but have not yet improved their rankings to the point that efforts are paying off.

Building traffic over the long-term is a valuable and worthwhile endeavor for most brands. Sometimes, however, we all reach a point where increasing exposure just isn’t as easy as it once was. If you’re dying for traffic and need additional reach now, then these three methods listed above can be sure-fire ways to reach people right now.


  1. October 17th, 2017 17:01

    I tried going in a pretty smaller niche for affiliate ..Though i was able to ranked at 2 spot…but it has no use….as it has no buyers in actual.
    I am still looking for backlinks like if web 2.0s or pbns still work in 2017


  2. NEO
    November 12th, 2017 9:52

    Tapping into social media channels in the best thing. I am facing problems in ranking my 4-month-old affiliate site in a broader niche. I did huge link building but still don’t find good results. Can you provide me some good tips on this. Looking forward to your reply.


  3. January 30th, 2018 22:32

    Merhaba, devamlı sizin web sitenizden ping atıyorum fakat nedense etki göremiyorum. Chrome web magzasından uygulamanızı indirdim ve çok başarılı.


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