Quick Tips for Boosting Your Local SEO Rankings

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With the world of SEO becoming almost too competitive, many brands and businesses are looking for new and more niche ways to compete. One of the areas that has gained attention in recent years is local SEO, which allows brands and businesses to compete for specific SERPs and keywords within a small geographic area. Whether you’re a local small business or an online entity that merely wants to target a specific area, local SEO can be a great way to reach new audiences. If your business, blog or brand is seeking ways to break into local markets, then you’ll want to continue reading to find out about what can be done to boost local SEO rankings.

Always Be Blogging

Any business or brand pinging for SEO results at a local level must not underestimate the power of content. Key references to locales are even more important in local SEO than in more traditional forms of SEO. One of the best ways to draw the connection between your brand and a specific geographic area is to produce as much relevant content as humanly possible. This means that whether you’re a small business or a major industry, having a blog is an absolute must. You’ll be able to craft various forms of content that tell stories, promote products and outline benefits – all while improving your rankings. Content is still king in the world of SEO, and that’s why you need to always be blogging.

Create Individual Pages for Locations

Whether you’re targeting a couple of areas or hundreds, it is crucial that you optimize your local SEO potential by creating separate pages for each locale. While this can mean more work in the end, your local SEO efforts will pay off by ensuring that you’re ranking more prominently in all of the local SEO SERPs you target. Whether you have local branches in a variety of areas  or merely want to break down your service offerings as such, there are plenty of features and elements that you can include to ensure it works well. From customer reviews and testimonials broken down by location to specific press releases for each area, creating individual pages for each local area can have a profound impact on SEO.

Utilize Social Media and Directories

There are a number of ways you can further attribute local areas to your brand and its web pages. Social media platforms – while not responsible for directly impacting SEO rankings – are one key indicator that search engines use to determine location. By including addresses, cities, hours and other relevant details, you’ll be conveying to search engines which audiences your brand is servicing. Additionally, there are dozens of directory listings and business profiles available to anybody on the web that allow you to insert similar details. All of these combined can be one potent way to improve SEO rankings by telling search engines that you’re an authoritative brand within the niche.

By blogging on a regular basis, utilizing business directories and social media, and creating individual pages for each location targeted, you can be pinging for SEO in local results more effectively. In conjunction with other SEO tactics, this can be a powerful way to boost your rankings. What other tactics have you used to boost your SEO clout in various SERPs? Leave us a comment below telling us about your experience.

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