Can Instagram Help Increase Your Follower Count?

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FollowersInstagram may seem like a rather odd platform through which you may be able to increase your followers on such platforms as Twitter and Facebook, but many have been discussing its versatility as of late. For those who are wishing to grow their brand, website or simply have more individuals retweeting and sharing their thoughts, Instagram’s platform of 100 million users has become increasingly tempting and more people are trying to derive success from its model. If you have been looking for a way to increase the number of followers connected to your business or project, then Instagram may be able to offer some benefit.

Connecting Instagram and Facebook

Ever since Facebook purchased Instagram, there has been an effort to link the two platforms together in some ways. By associating your Facebook account with your Instagram account, you are then able to grow your Instagram influence by reaching many of the same people on multiple platforms; nearly one in four Facebook users are also on Instagram. By pinging links to your Instagram profile and suggesting to your friends that they join, you can easily pull in anywhere from 5-10% of your friends and from there, be able to post updates via Instagram to their Facebook and Instagram update feeds.

Tag Everything

Tags are a popular way in which to categorize and share content. Individuals using the Instagram platform can search through a myriad of tags to find images that match their interests; by using these tags, you have a greater chance of being seen by people who share your interests and appreciate your multimedia content. This content (and even the tags) can also be used as a gateway to introduce viewers to your other projects, websites or social media ventures. If you can successfully redirect people from a particularly interesting photo on Instagram to one of your blog posts or webpages that covers the subject of the photo, then you have mastered the art of conversion.

Connect With Others

If you want to gain additional attention for your Instagram profile, then you will need to be proactive in regards to interacting with other Instagram users. While Instagram offers both likes and the ability to comment, it is commenting that leads to a greater rate of success in engaging new users with your brand. Show others that you are genuinely interested in their content and they will be far more likely to start pinging links to your images. Sure, it takes longer to write a comment than it does to simply click ‘Like’, but the attention it draws is exponential when compared to the simplistic action of liking something.

Use Filters and Multiple Images

Have you been using all of the filters available on Instagram to showcase your images? If you have yet to sign up for an account or have not been using filters, then you are missing out on the prime reason Instagram exists. On the site, you can find a list of the most popular filters (which may come in handy for attempting to replicate a viral image). In addition to this, collages, murals and image combinations also tend to do very well on Instagram.

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