How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pop

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Are you creating your first ever LinkedIn profile? Do you currently have one but it seems stagnant and not getting much in terms of a response? Either of these issues will require a profile that really pops and grabs the attention of people. It’s actually a fairly easy thing to create, as long as you’re aware of what works.

Grab Them with the Headline

Just like with any news story, the headline is what draws people in. You’ve got just 120 characters to use, so you want to make the absolute best use of this space. Stick to who you work for and what you do. This doesn’t mean list your job title, it means what do you do, explain the main focus of your job.

Make Sure Your Summary Sings

The next section you’ll need to fill out in your profile is the summary. This area provides you with up to 2,000 characters, giving you a lot more room. Now this area is where you want to include keywords, as LinkedIn searches the summary section. You can use keywords that would help with job searches, your responsibilities, your skills, any achievements/awards you have won, and your accomplishments.

Just to take things a little further, the keywords are also searchable by Google, so this means clients, customers, and employers can find you if you’re using the right ones.

This section also provides you with an excellent opportunity to add multimedia files, which can prove to be real attention grabbers. You can include pictures, articles you’ve written, your blogs, YouTube videos, and anything else. The key is to pick multimedia content that helps to show who you are and what you do.

Detailed Content is Welcome

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to provide lots of detail pertaining to your work and what you do. Think of it as a spot to add all the details that just don’t belong on your resume, due to lack of space. This could include training classes, certificates, extra schooling, volunteer work, etc. It’s a chance to round-out who you are and fill in any missing details that aren’t covered on your resume.

As you input all the details remember it still needs to be interesting, relevant, and organised.

Don’t Forget Your Photo

LinkedIn provides users with a spot to include a profile photo, which shouldn’t be skipped. There is just no getting around the fact that people respond better to a face instead of the non-descript grey avatar. Just by adding this profile it can make the difference between your page being read or passed right by. It’s best to choose a professional looking picture since you are trying to project a professional image.

You’re Ready to Start Tweaking

Now that you’ve been armed with a number of tips and tricks, you are ready to start tweaking your profile page. It’s a good idea to take a look at it every few months or so to be sure it is relevant, accurate, and still does a good job at representing you.

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