A Guide to Local Ads for Local Businesses

Local AdsIf you are a locally-focused business that is trying to boost sales and reach new audiences, then you have no doubt at least considered what an augmented internet presence can do for you. There are a number of angles that the internet can address and provide: access to information about new business ideas and strategies, social media platforms that provide the ability to network with new consumers, search results that can help your business dominate and internet advertising all come to mind. In the case of advertising, local brands have to be smart with their dollars in order to get the best return on investment. If your brand wants to reach more people and do so effectively, then continue reading to find out about how your local ad strategy should operate.

Consumers Want Local Advertising

Believe it or not, but your intended audience wants to see ads that are relevant to their interests and geography. In the world of search and social media, people are used to being bombarded with advertising from all walks of life. When pinging URLs to consumers, you have an advantage over many other businesses who are advertising in that your target is local, rather than regional or national. When surveyed, approximately three-fourths of respondents stated that they want to see more local advertising than is currently being presented to them. Users want to see advertisements customized to their cities and even neighbourhoods, so don’t be afraid to fulfil their wishes.

Consumers Will Visit You

Local advertising through social media, search engines or other formats can have an effect that may not show up in metrics: more people will visit your store. Even if they do not directly engage with your advertisements or make a purchase online, some people will see your advertisement. They will later search for more information about your business and make plans to visit the following day. This type of brand recognition is vital for small businesses at the local level and can generate benefits that are harder to measure through traditional means. Nevertheless, the phenomenon that local advertising generates in this regard is documented via consumer surveys.

Which Platforms to Use

Depending on your target audience, you have several different places through which you can advertise. Many people use the Google network for advertising – this includes Google AdWords, AdSense and YouTube as places where advertisements will be displayed. By pinging URLs tailored by geography and interest, your ad is likely to be displayed to a smaller but much more relevant audience. Other people find great success through social media advertising platforms offered by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These often combine desktop and mobile ad targeting approaches that ensure each impression is tailored to provide maximum return on investment.


Local businesses can definitely seize opportunity from using local advertising. Past forms of advertising were expensive and relatively ineffective, but technology now allows us to advertise for mere pennies on the dollar of what it used to cost – all the while, reaching a much more relevant audience in the process. Through search engines, multimedia portals and social media, you can reach your intended audiences and ensure they find relevance in your business’ offerings.

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