Five Ways Growing Content Firms Can Standardize Their Writers’ Tasks

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Growing ContentWith an unprecedented amount of demand for new and creative content, it has never been a better time to be a freelance writer, contracted content creator or content firm manager. The internet has allowed for seamless e-commerce between any two people in the world, but this also has led to many content creators discovering that the way in which they write or do business is not the same as others. For content firm managers, getting everyone on the same page is not just a matter of vanity but one of necessity. In the following article, we will be discussing five different ways in which you can standardize the writing process for your writers and increase efficiency, reduce duplicity and improve synergy.

Provide Client Overviews

Having a detailed profile of each regular client is a smart move for firms, but many often neglect to share this information with their writers. By alerting your writers to the particular desires and nuances of each client, they will be more prepared to avoid certain topics while adapting their writing styles to that which is desired by the client. Rather than pinging lists of what each writer is doing wrong whenever there is an issue, you can avoid many of these dialogues while empowering your writers through this approach.

Share Your Goals

If you are planning to take the content firm in a particular direction, then chances are that you will want to retain as many of your dedicated writers as possible. By sharing with them the medium and long-term goals for the firm, you can give writers an added amount of information on how their work should be adapted to meet those needs. Positive outcomes cannot be expected from your writers if you are leaving them in the dark about future client selection, deadlines or potential expansion (and therefore, the need for added resources and/or writers).

Settle on a Style

Adopting a particular format of writing (whether that be MLA, APA, et cetera) can make your job as a content firm manager simplified while also giving each writer a concrete style from which they can work. While all content cannot be categorized into one particular writing style, you can provide clarification on which formats should be used in certain instances. It may also prove to be beneficial to have a pre-formatted document that keeps all writers’ content in the same font and indentation.

Provide Feedback

When writers hear nothing in the form of criticism, most will assume that they are doing a good job. This can make content firm managers’ jobs harder in the long-run, as writers will develop certain techniques that ultimately become habit. Rather than waiting weeks or months to start pinging lists of constructive criticism, it makes sense to do on a continuous basis. By providing feedback for every assignment as it is turned in, you can break bad habits and make sure new ones do not develop. This will ensure that writers understand that criticism is being provided for each assignment and is not an overall assessment of their skills.

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