Building the Basics for a Digital Marketing Campaign

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Getting the word out about your brand, products or services can be a significant challenge. In the past, brands had to rely on word of mouth and traditional forms of advertising in order to reach new audiences, but today’s marketers have a powerful tool available: the internet. New forms of marketing are continuously emerging thanks to the internet, and countless brands have found success due to a variety of tactics that include guerrilla marketing, content creation and viral media. Any digital marketing campaign needs a few common variables in order to have a chance at success; we’ll discuss those variables today so that you can build the basics for a healthy and prosperous digital marketing campaign.

Build an Excellent Website

Regardless of the angle, niche or demographic you’re targeting, a successful digital marketing campaign revolves around a solid platform in the form of a website. You’ll want to make sure that your website is easy to use, accessible across all devices, and has an aesthetically pleasing design. If your website doesn’t provide a pleasant experience to those you are targeting, then no amount of organic or paid marketing efforts will pay off in the end.

Distribute Consistent and Enjoyable Content

However you may plan to reach out to people, know that at the core of any digital marketing campaign is a focus on content. Not only do you need to be pinging users with content consistently, but that content must resonate with their interests and styles. You can optimize success in this regard by creating multiple types of content, including photos, infographics, videos, podcasts and blog posts. This will ensure that as many people as possible are able to enjoy your content in a format that works for them.

Be Sociable

Social media is perhaps the biggest revolutions for brands since the invention of the internet itself. No digital marketing campaign would be complete without a social media presence; thankfully, it is very easy to get started. With dozens of different social media networks, it’s up to you to determine which ones most adequately target your specific audience. Once you have this information, you can begin pushing all of your content to audiences that truly care about what you have to say. Social media is great for both paid and organic digital marketing strategies.

Build a Solid Search Presence

No digital marketing effort would be complete without a robust search engine presence. Through the use of SEO, you can slowly but surely begin to build a dominant presence in key search results. Over time, your brand and its marketing will become synonymous with the keywords you decide to target. This is arguably the longest and most difficult portion of digital marketing; you can establish a great digital marketing campaign without immediate SEO results, but it is worth investing in it for the long-term in order to further optimize your campaigns.

Incorporate Analytics

There will no doubt be many different elements to your digital marketing strategy. Most of them can be tracked, but not if you don’t setup solutions to handle this information. A robust analytics or tracking system across all platforms used can help you determine whether your digital marketing efforts are having an impact. Likewise, you’ll be able to tell which specific actions you’ve been pinging users with are yielding better or weaker results when compared to your digital marketing baseline.

It takes plenty of time, energy and dedication to build a solid digital marketing strategy. You’ll definitely want to prepare by building a solid search presence, establishing yourself on social media, incorporating analytics, running a great website and building quality content. What other areas are you planning on refining for your future campaigns? Tell us about them below in the comments!


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