Apple Public Place Pages: What are They?

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Imac DeskA range of different mapping systems have been developed in recent years that make life easier for people on the move, businesses who want to be found online and other people and organisations who use the internet and the latest mobile technologies. Apple Public Place Pages are one of the latest online mapping systems available.

Apple Public Places Pages include a wide range of details about landmarks and places of interest in different areas. The main details on each of these web pages includes the location of the landmark, its name, telephone number, reviews and directions to get there. Its interface looks the same as the cards you find in the iOS 10 Maps app.

What Are These Pages Used for?

It’s not certain what Apple Public Place Pages will be used for but it’s possible they could be an early step towards creating a virtual map service that is similar to Google Maps. Apple device users can view the map URL’s as deep links to the native Maps app but people who use other devices see a fall back web page.

Apple Places also seems have been set up to let Apple device users share locations with people who use other types of devices such as Android products. There is also a belief that these pages will eventually be indexed on the main search engines including Bing and Google. However, Apple Public Pages don’t show up in search engine results at the moment but this may just be a temporary measure by Apple.

How to Find Apple Public Place Pages

You can find Apple Public Places Pages URL’s through the Safari Suggestions feature in the Sierra operating system. You simply enter a location or landmark in the address bar and all of the nearest landmarks are shown on the screen. You can scroll down to the exact landmark you want to view. Once you do this, select the landmark and it will be displayed in a new maps URL on your screen.

How Apple Public Places Currently Works

In some cases, when you click these links they open native apps on Apple’s platform. In other situations, they open in a web page. All of the pages in this system have an ‘Open Maps’ shortcut and this allows you to load a certain place mark in Apple’s native app.

Future Uses of Apple Public Places

Apple Public Places Pages are currently used to display relevant information about landmarks and places of interest. This seems to be a very narrow approach and these pages will probably be expanded to include all of the places you find on Google Maps and similar platforms. This means businesses and other organisations will eventually be listed too on these pages, which would make Apple Public Places a much more useful and powerful online mapping system from Apple.

A lot of mystery surrounds Apple Public Places and what they will eventually be used for. However, as more people become aware of these pages, their true purpose should become clearer.

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