5 Best Niches For Bloggers In 2021

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If you are thinking about writing a blog in 2021, there are more opportunities for you than ever. The hard work has all been done for you by website builders, and Wix even provides a good for how to start a blog. They have all the tools you need to create an attractive landing page, add images, post quick updates, and market yourself.

However, while starting a blog won’t take you long, finding a place for yourself in a saturated market might seem like a stretch. There are millions of long-running blogs on every topic imaginable. Is there really space for your brand new blog?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. But you will need to choose a niche that accommodates newcomers.

What makes a niche perfect for new bloggers?

The “Perfect” Niche

There are two main reasons a niche might be perfect in 2021. Either it appeals to hundreds of millions of people or it has a limited audience. This may seem contradictory, but the reasoning is quite simple.

Some niches are so popular that no matter how many blogs there are, there is always room for more. As long as you can provide value in this niche as well as or better than other blogs are doing, you can be very successful.

Other niches require specific expertise. There are few bloggers who can write with authority about the subject. In these niches, new blogs have limited audiences but high reward for their efforts.

If you have specific expertise in a very niche subject, that will be the perfect niche for you. Otherwise, these are the 5 best niches for blogging in 2021.

1. Health and fitness

Health and fitness is the perfect niche for new bloggers in 2021 for two reasons:

The latter might seem tongue in cheek, but it is unfortunately true. Think about how many times someone has given you a nutrition fact they read online that a cursory bit of research revealed to be untrue?

This does not mean you should start a health and fitness blog which lies to people. But it does mean that your blog will resonate with people as long as you are providing interesting information. You don’t need to be a doctor or nutritionist to do so.

2. Saving and making money

Personal finance is a huge niche with endless interest. Yes, you can find many long-running blogs about making money in various ways and staying financially solvent. But these blogs have a half-life. When something unpredictable happens, a lot of their advice becomes useless.

In a world emerging from a pandemic, personal finance blogs geared towards our new reality are more likely to draw attention than blogs which failed to predict it. This is not the fault of those bloggers, but it provides you with an opportunity to offer readers engaging and insightful information that will help them in the coming months and years.

3. Reviews

I know that the topic of “reviews” seems incredibly broad. What should you be reviewing? Put simply, you can review any big industry.

For example, you could start a reviews site which covers online music production services. You start writing about the industry in general, describing the different types of services on offer. Then you write reviews for the biggest companies.

Reviews sites are great because they hit all the right SEO points. People are constantly searching for comparisons between services and whether certain services are trustworthy.

Reviews also provide you the opportunity to place affiliate links to the services you review. You can make a lot of money this way. It is, however, a lot of work and can be tedious.

4. Lifestyle

There is no standard definition for what a lifestyle blog is about. Truthfully, it allows you the space to write about anything. This is another niche which benefits from appealing to just about everyone in the world. While you should find a more specific focus so as to appeal to a subgroup, you’ll still have millions of potential readers looking for novel opinions.

Choose a focus about which you have a lot to say. It should be something about which you enjoy thinking and providing advice.

5. Travel

Is a pandemic the best time to start a blog about travel? In 2021 it is! People are gearing up to start traveling like they did before the pandemic cancelled everyone’s plans. A travel blog that provides insights into post-pandemic travel is exactly what travellers are looking for.

If you have traveled extensively in the past, you can use your knowledge about various places to populate your blog with interesting articles. But don’t forget to take the opportunity to gear your writing to the new normal.


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