Act Boldly and Effectively on Facebook With These Precision Tactics

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Chess GameBringing attention to a particular brand on social media is not only difficult in this competitive climate of today, it is also necessary. As social media platforms continue to make the process more difficult through organic means, many brands have had to result to paid strategies in order to broaden their horizons. While paid campaigns via social media can certainly produce added value when executed properly, there are still many smaller organic strategies that can help accentuate the effect. Below, we’ll discuss several effective social media strategies that anyone can begin using today to draw attention to their efforts, increase their reach elsewhere, and please their audiences.

Collect Emails

Via Facebook, pinging networks of devoted followers for more information can help you connect them with other brand platforms and improve overall engagement. There are many ways in which you can incorporate email collection apps into your page, allowing you to collect email information for product and brand updates. This has proven to be a very helpful tool in collecting more information about users and finding ways to further customize the impressions they receive from your brand.

Organize Posting Strategies

Whenever Facebook announced that it was nerfing organic reach for pages, a collective sigh of anguish could be heard throughout social media. Now even more than ever, no one particular person will see all of your updates (though the newly-implemented “See First” option is promising). In order to ensure that your updates are being disbursed in a uniform and effective fashion, a posting strategy must be utilized. This means not posting five updates back-to-back, but rather, posting each update across a period of time that is relevant to when your audience accesses Facebook. This is easier to do than ever, thanks in large part to the scheduling feature. Studies show that Facebook pages also obtain greater visibility when content is spread out across the day, rather than being posted all at once.

Provide Advice

While your brand page may serve an ultimate purpose of boosting its own exposure and fortune, users will not engage as prominently with it if there are not selfless elements being offered. Every now and then, be sure to offer advice or information that is valuable to your audience. This can come in a variety of formats, but pinging networks of subscribers and fans with content that provides hope, encouragement or even just pure knowledge will increase engagement rates and ensure more people see your content through the likes and shares that are garnered.

Use Quality Multimedia

Facebook is a platform for social sharing. Social sharing, to a large degree, means simple and easy-to-digest content. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t take a thousand words’ worth of time to digest it! This is why study after study shows that images and videos do two to three times better with audiences in terms of likes, shares and comments. By featuring this type of content in your updates more regularly, you will be able to tap into new audiences through the virality that is created by your fan base.

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