Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook With These Three Tips

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Three TreesFacebook started roughly one decade ago as a way for college students to communicate with one another without the need for phones or emails. As the network grew, the developers realized that there was potential for so much more. For the past eight years or so, Facebook has offered brands the ability to publish their own existence and reach out to the world through the use of brand pages. It is perhaps one of the first of many ways in which online brand management became revolutionized without the use of a traditional website. Today, millions of entities use brand pages to connect with their followers. We’ll discuss three ways you can boost your organic reach to these pages on Facebook below.

Access Facebook Insights

In order to get the most out of your potential organic traffic, you first need to understand your existing traffic. Facebook Insights is the built-in metrics monitor available through the platform, and it can go a long way toward helping you understand the habits of your audience. From when they like to access your content to their demographic breakdowns, Facebook Insights makes it easy for brand managers to be pinging for SEO and growing their audiences any time, day or night. The interface can be used based on likes, reach, posts, people and visits. As with all things related to marketing and content distribution, though, metrics are only one piece of the puzzle.

Build a Community Through Content

In order to reach an audience through organic means, you must first build that audience. By default, the vast majority of people who will see your brand’s Facebook posts will be those who are already connected to your audience. While it is important to grow your audience, interacting appropriately with your existing audience will facilitate that growth indirectly. People want to share, but only if the content is worth sharing. By creating and sharing impressive, engaging or persuasive content, your followers will begin interacting more with it. As a result of them doing it, the increased number of shares and likes will leave social footprints in status feeds and on Facebook walls that will expose your brand to new followers.

Don’t Cheat

All too many Facebook brand pages are tempted by the seemingly easy ways out there to boost followers and increase content production. In the case of likes, buying them is not only ineffective but dangerous. While you may trick people into thinking you have more followers than you do, virtually none of these followers will continue to interact with your brand in meaningful ways. Just like pinging for SEO through paid or manipulative ways can endanger your brand, buying likes can ultimately put your brand page at risk of being deleted. The promotion of too much content that relates to your brand can also have dangerous effects, as followers will begin to interact with your page less and less as more blatantly promotional posts dominate their news feeds. By focusing on content that is appealing above all else – even if that means less content overall – you will ensure that followers find interest in everything you post, and will share it often.

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