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HourglassAfter weeks, months or even years of writing, it is common to still find those periods where you cannot seem to put the proverbial pen to paper and create new content. This is completely natural but is also unpredictable; we never know when one day’s seemingly short blog post may end up taking hours to complete. Fortunately, there are plenty of different tactics that writers can use to break through the gridlock and begin writing effectively again – many of these tactics should already be in use, anyway. If you have recently been struggling with content creation and want to streamline any blog post to ensure its completion within an hour, then you will want to continue reading to find out how to segment your time and accomplish this.

Spend a Bit of Time Eliminating Distractions

Particularly true if you write from home, a plethora of distractions – some may be related to noise and stimulation, while others are convenience-driven – can grab our attention spans and keep us from concentrating. If you can take just a few minutes of time at the beginning to ensure that these distractions are dealt with and/or eliminated, then you can begin pinging your blog post’s broader points and themes without any hassles disturbing your focus. We recommend that you spend roughly five minutes dealing with distractions and preparing yourself for the topic at hand; this proverbial form of meditation can help greatly improve your writing speed and efficiency.

Topic, Title, Introduction, Conclusion

If you already have a topic selected, then it is much easier to begin filling in the blanks, so to speak. As the body will be the most difficult part of your blog post to write, it can sometimes help to complete the titles, introduction and conclusion before you begin the meat and potatoes of your blog post. In some cases, an introduction and a conclusion can encompass up to one-third of your blog post, so there is a mental burden lifted when you can complete each of these beforehand, thereby shortening (at least in perception) the amount of work you have to do. Introductions and conclusions should be fairly simple if you already understand the broader premise of what you wish to convey to readers.

Fill in the Blanks

At this point, you should have spent roughly twenty to thirty minutes eliminating distractions and completing the titles, introduction and conclusion for your article. This leaves you with a half-hour to finish the body of your blog post. You will want to use two to five points in the body of a blog post to make your point and ensure that search engines are pinging your blog and indexing its content. When you break down each point (which, depending on the size of your blog post, can be anywhere from 50 to 150 words), it becomes quite easy to write a few sentences on each. As the time draws near, challenge yourself to focus and write. In many cases, we write much better under a healthy amount of pressure and with challenges than we do while writing stress-free.

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