Observations of the Chinese Market – How to Break into the Next Big Thing

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Chinese MarketOne of the biggest advantages of the internet is its ability to connect individuals from all across the world in a seamless fashion. While in the past, internet interaction and communication was fairly segmented due to language barriers, we are seeing a new era in which individuals from all walks of life are able to communicate with one another with relative ease. This has huge implications for the sharing of information and communications, but it also creates the perfect conditions for integrated worldwide e-commerce. Many people feel as if the English search market is over-saturated with results and therefore much more difficult to tap into these days. Fortunately, a potential gold mine awaits in the country of China, which currently has a much larger market of individuals than the United States or Europe. In the following article, we will discuss some findings about the Chinese search audience so that you can begin crafting a marketing strategy that revolves around this concept.

They Are Young

In the western hemisphere, the average age of an internet user is approximately 35. In China, however, this average age hovers closer to 25, making it a prime market for those who are seeking to target younger individuals with their products and services. Some of the biggest areas of interest for these individuals include fashion, mobile technology and gaming, which may or may not be your respective niche. Even if these areas are not your specialty, there are hundreds of millions of other users of the web in China that may be interested in your products, but you will never know unless you are pinging search engines with Chinese content that can attract them.

They Search Longer

In most English-speaking search markets, quick exposure is key if you want to make an impression. In most cases, the average search only lasts around fifteen seconds in the United States and other similar markets before a user makes a selection and leaves the search page. In China, however, most spend much more time in search results before they leave the page, with average times hovering around one minute. This is great for marketers and advertisers, and means that you can advertise without the chronic fear that your ads must be at the top of the page in order to be seen. It is also common on search engines such as Baidu to have more ads displayed.

They Love Ads

OK, maybe this statement is a bit of a stretch, but the average Chinese user engages with paid ads far more than the average westerner. While the exact rationale behind the phenomenon is unclear, those in western markets tend to be far more skeptical of advertisements than the average Chinese search user, meaning that your advertisements will be viewed with less disdain than they would be in an English market. So long as your advertisements are properly translated and convey the point you wish to make, you can be pinging search engines in China with paid content at a far higher rate of success than in most English markets.

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