Why Duplicating Content Is Sometimes a Good Idea

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The act of creating large volumes of content for your blog or brand can be excruciating. Without any ability to expedite or otherwise enlist the services of others to help, you can quickly feel overwhelmed depending on your exact content requirements and/or audience needs. Thankfully, there are a number of methods that content creators and brand managers utilize to make the ongoing process more efficient.

While we’ve all heard the warnings about the duplication of content and how it can effect SEO outcomes, there are some situations where duplicating your existing content (with some alterations) can be helpful in more than one way.

Here are some reasons why duplicating your existing content may prove to be beneficial.

Sometimes Content Needs Updated

Some content may serve as evergreen content, never needing to be updated given its static nature. However, older content – especially if it has been several months or even years since it was published – may provide a new opportunity to publish an updated format.

By duplicating such content and pinging users with an updated version, you can maintain the original SEO clout you had with the original. You will also be able to generate new appeal via the duplicate, whether it be earning additional backlinks or generating likes, shares and other engagements through email marketing and social media.

Sometimes Content Needs Merged

One such struggle of brands that have been writing content for years is the phenomenon of covering the same topics over and over. After some time, you may find your blog containing several different posts on the same topic. While there are always different angles to cover and consider with any topic, it may be time to duplicate this content in a unique form.

By merging multiple posts into one comprehensive entity, you will be able to extract the best details from each and create a more effective content solution for your audience. Besides the fact that this can be helpful for your readers in finding the best and most up-to-date information possible, there are also SEO effects due to minimizing the number of pages you have competing with one another within specific SERPs.

Sometimes Content Is Cookie-Cutter Material

While we may often think about content from the perspective of blog posts, there are a number of content formats and solutions that also are relevant. Various pages for your local audiences, product listings and other such examples often use a straightforward, cookie-cutter format through which to serve information.

Rather than building new pages or posts from scratch, duplicating the content in question – and then customizing any relevant fields – can prove to be a time-saving endeavor. For online stores, this can ensure you’re pinging users with more product pages in less time, and for websites in general, it can help with the creation of new pages and/or posts while consolidating workload.

There are numerous reasons for duplicating content found on your own website. From making the process of constructing new content easier to ensuring older content is up-to-date or otherwise merged, consider how this broader effort can optimize your website’s functionality, SEO and user experience.

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