Why Your Customers Aren’t Engaged and How to Turn It Around

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High GrassExposure is no longer the main metric on which you should measure the success of your internet marketing campaign. User engagement is valued more than exposure, making it the current target to aim for.

Even search engines now value user engagement more. Google started tracking time-on-site and other metrics to determine if a page is good. Other platforms are doing the same thing with their analytics tool, making it easy to actually review your user engagement level.

Customers aren’t engaged for a number of reasons. In this article, we are going to review some of those reasons and learn how to boost user engagement based on them. Let’s get started, shall we?

Wrong Content for the Media

Every media needs to be treated differently. Your product page, for example, is not the place for a long-form product description or a tutorial. The Blog section on your site, on the other hand, should not be just another set of pages where you advertise your products constantly.

The same can be said for social media. Twitter is more suited for short, on-the-moment content. Facebook requires a bit of a general approach, while Instagram and YouTube audiences value stories and visual appeal more.

You can clearly see that each platform needs to be handled differently. The best way to increase user engagement – and conversion – in this case is to use content that suits the target audience and the media perfectly.

No Calls to Action

Another common problem with low user engagement is the lack of calls to action in your content. Of course, you want to soft-sell your products and let the audiences make the decision themselves. That said, there certain times when a call to action is absolutely necessary.

Let’s take a blog post about a DIY project that involves your product as an example. A lot of people will find the article through search engines and social media. They might like the article and even share it to more audiences. That’s great, right? So why isn’t anyone visiting the product’s page after reading the article?

You see, the lack of a clear call to action is the main problem here. The article needs to end with a subtle but strong call to action for it to be effective in terms of conversion. “You can buy the items you need for this project on our store,” or a more powerful and unique message would do.

They’re Just Not That into You

Connecting with customers is very similar to starting a relationship. Sometimes, the customers are just not that into you. You may not be valuable enough or your content does not fit the target audience you’re aiming for. All of these problems lead to one outcome: low user engagement.

In this case, the best way to boost customer engagement is by raising your value to them. Produce better, more immersive content they can use. Create videos that the audience actually love to watch. More importantly, take them on a journey; involve them in the stories that define your brand. The more valuable you are in the eyes of customers, the more they will engage with your brand and online presence.

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