Three Essential Bitcoin Plugins for WooCommerce

Bitcoin PluginsThose who use WordPress know that it is a vital platform for bloggers and webmasters alike. The sheer level of customization available via WordPress makes it the most commonly-used content management system in the entire world, but many users fail to embrace all of its potential. One newer concept to revolutionize technology and e-commerce is the development of Bitcoins, which allow users to purchase goods without the need for financial institutions to be intermediaries in the transaction. Many niche businesses have found it wise to include options that allow users to donate and pay via Bitcoins, while e-commerce as a whole has become much easier through WordPress toolkits such as WooCommerce. In the following article, we will discuss three essential Bitcoin-related plugins for WooCommerce that you should consider if you wish to accept this new, virtual currency.

Bitcoin Payments

If you already have the WooCommerce platform installed to WordPress, then you are ready to add a Bitcoin payment solution! Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce allows users to accept payment in Bitcoins directly through a website and into a personal, digital wallet. You can configure the platform to accept payment for both digital and physical goods, with it pinging your website with exchange rates and prices quoted in sixteen different currencies. A rate feed and calculations make it possible for automatic conversion to be conducted, and of course, users avoid any fees with the transfer or acceptance of Bitcoins. The Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce plugin is completely free to use and can be downloaded from WordPress.

Bitcoin and Litecoin Ticker

If you want to keep readers and shoppers abreast of the current exchange rates from across the web, then the Bitcoin and Litecoin Ticker widget is a great solution. Available for free, this widget can be used to view five different Bitcoin exchanges’ prices and will display a graph of the price over the past day, week and month. Users can customize which of these options are displayed, making it the perfect tool for and every Bitcoin-related need. Users will be able to view bid and ask prices, as well as the low and high volumes for each exchange.

Bitcoin Calculator

You may not need all of the functionality that is offered with the above apps; instead, maybe you simply want to allow users to calculate the number of Bitcoins needed in order to make a customized purchase. The Bitcoin Calculator plugin for WordPress offers users access to nearly twenty different currencies, all of which can be converted instantly to provide an accurate quote of equivalent Bitcoins. This app accesses the blockchain (a public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions) and uses exchange information to provide real-time quotes to anyone who needs them. Your WooCommerce website can be augmented greatly by the presence of real-time calculators, as this can lead to subtle yet measurable increases in revenue.


For any WooCommerce website that wants to boost revenues, Bitcoins may prove to be a viable venue. By having the Bitcoin and Litecoin Ticker, Bitcoin Calculator and Bitcoin Payments plugins pinging your website, you give customers full access to all the information they need before they make a purchase via Bitcoins – as well as the means to do so.

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