How Push Notifications Can Boost Engagement

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Blogs and websites have sought out ways to be more competitive for years. As more and more entities work their way into every imaginable niche online, it becomes more difficult with each passing year to dominate among a particular audience. As such, any new strategies or potential methods for attracting and converting visitors is immensely valuable.

Push notifications have become more great way to engage both first-time and repeat visitors. They provide one of the most cost-effective methods for building an engaged, consistent audience right now. Let’s talk about how push notifications can boost your brand’s online engagement.

Push Notifications Are Effective

Let’s talk for a minute about the basis of the push notification. First of all, the push notification costs practically nothing to setup and deploy, putting it in a league with marketing methods such as email marketing for the most cost-effective solution. Then consider that push notifications are clicked/tapped on nearly twice as often as emails are opened. These two simple facts mean that push notifications are arguably more effective in terms of cost per engagement than virtually any method where you’d pay to attract attention. Whether people are pinging your website from mobile devices or desktop computers, the push notification has a very high response rate.

Push Notifications Build Communities

Brands that are responsible with their usage of push notifications can dramatically increase engagement due to one simple reason: the act of agreeing to push notifications means you can contact people whenever. With email marketing you have this ability, but the push notification – as mentioned above – has a much higher response rate. When coupled with the reality that it is easier (and less intrusive in the eyes of many) for somebody to sign up for notifications than a mailing list, you’re far more likely to get people to connect with your brand. This allows you to easily build an audience using a solution that takes virtually no money, no effort and no time to deploy.

Push Notifications Persuade

Especially important for brands who offer products or services, the push notification has been shown to persuade various individuals to act. This is above and beyond the simple persuasion found in paid marketing campaigns and email pitches. Some brands have found value in push notifications by increasing their average order amount or retarget people who haven’t been seen recently. There are many ways in which the push notification can be used to persuade people to buy more, engage more or just visit more – all by simply pinging your website with occasional updates. This effect on persuasion should be taken advantage of today, as more brands using this in the years to come will likely diminish its potency.

Push notifications have become popular due to the proliferation of mobile devices; most people use mobile devices to access information, browse products and engage with others. What makes the push notification so great is that it can persuade people effectively – and at little to no cost to the brand. What are your favorite ways to reconnect and engage with your audience? Tell us below and share your experiences with the world.

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