Content Types That Boost Brand Engagement

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Building a successful brand presence online isn’t easy. It takes time, effort and dedication in order to transform a new, fledgling brand into a powerful entity that can reach large numbers of people. Whether your goal is to reach people via search engines, social media or email, there are numerous concerns that must be addressed. Among them, considering which forms of content are most likely to resonate with your audience is a prime factor.

As such, knowing which types of content tend to generate the most views, clicks and overall engagement can help simplify the long-term process of reaching people effectively. Today, let’s look at which types of content provide the most per capita value in this regard.

How-to Pieces

One of the most common forms of information people seek online are tutorials or how-to content solutions. Given the existence of the internet is primarily built around sharing information and learning, it shouldn’t be surprising that this form of content is in high demand.

Pinging links to how-to articles and videos can be a great way to generate a large number of clicks and shares, depending on the platform(s) through which it is distributed. One of the biggest advantages of how-to content is that it can come in any format (written, visual or audio).


In the grand scheme of modern-day digital media, videos are one of the best-performing forms of content that brands can make. Overall, videos drive the bulk of engagement on blogs, websites and social media. For this reason, an arms race of sorts now exists among brands seeking to generate as much reach and engagement as possible – with video production ranking prominently in their content marketing solutions.

While there is a relatively high bar for high-quality video production, the rewards are often worth the effort. Whether the goal is clicks, likes, comments or shares, videos can drive all of these engagements effectively.

Anything Trending

Late-breaking news and developing trends are a huge boost to any brand’s content strategy. While it can be difficult at times for certain niches to capitalize on new trends in the broader world (seeing as how most won’t directly relate to the brand’s niche), it might be easier than you think to tie in select trends with your own area of expertise – at least for some brands.

Using search engines and other tools to determine what topics and search patterns are exploding in interest, brands can then see whether or not incorporating one or more of these dynamics into their current content offerings is feasible.

Provocative Social Media Posts

Last but not least, social media interaction is a crucial component for most brands’ engagement efforts. One of the easiest ways to bolster engagement on social media is through the use of provocative content. Not to be confused with controversial content (which is often negative and can damage brand reputations), provocative content seeks to elicit engagement, reactions and sharing.

By pinging links to social media posts that elicit emotions, reactions and opinions, brands can drive their followers to share and engage – which often leads their friends and followers to see the content in question. As such, the engagement from these posts can grow exponentially in a short period of time.

Ultimately, there are dozens of unique content offerings and styles for any brand to consider. However, not all drive the same levels of engagement. These four options are among the best choices when seeking to bolster brand engagement and garner attention that might not otherwise be possible.

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