Why StumbleUpon Is Useful and How to Use It

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Blank LaptopMany people remember StumbleUpon from the days in which Mozilla Firefox was very popular. Initially available only through it, it later expanded into all browsers as an add-on. Some people have been under the impression that StumbleUpon is long gone, but the reality is that millions of people still use the software for finding interesting websites in a variety of niches. The concept of StumbleUpon is simple – you click and are taken to a random page associated with your interests. From here, you can rate the page and the software continues to deliver custom-tailored content that fits your interest. With StumbleUpon still active, how useful can it be for content marketing? The answer is “very”. We’ll discuss below why it is still useful and how you can get the most of it.

StumbleUpon Still Provides Tons of Traffic

A recent report revealed a very interesting element regarding StumbleUpon – it serves more traffic than all social networks and websites except for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Even the powerhouse known as Reddit doesn’t serve as much traffic as StumbleUpon. This realization for many content curators and marketers is sobering; for something that was considered dead by many, it still has a huge following. There are roughly 30 million active monthly users of the service, meaning that there is huge potential – even for tiny niches – to filter traffic their way. In fact, StumbleUpon has seen its share of generated social traffic grow over the past year by 20%.

Delivering the Right Type of Content

Certain types of content being distributed on StumbleUpon will perform well, while other types will essentially be pinging noise to the masses. What works and what doesn’t? In general, rich multimedia performs the best on the network. This ideally means high-definition videos, quality infographics and tutorials of various types. Another major element that is popular on the network is photography; as StumbleUpon can often be a network where people flip through in rapid succession, photos tend to perform well and can pull in traffic to other parts of the website in the right conditions. In short, forms of content that tend to be shared often on social media are the types of content that will do well on StumbleUpon.

Submitting Content

When it comes time to submit content to StumbleUpon, there are a few considerations to make. The first thing is the crafting of a headline and appropriate tags, which will make it easier to find in search and will help it better correlate to interested parties’ expressed interests. In addition, each piece of submitted content should have at least one image in it that is used as a thumbnail of sorts, which will help to pull in even more Stumblers who access the broader platform. One important thing to remember when using SU is to not to start pinging noise through the platform; in other words, do not submit every single piece of content you have to offer. By carefully selecting content that is intriguing and valuable, more and more community users will find what you offer of interest and will return to see more of what you have available.

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