Why Remote Marketing Hires Are a Good Option for Brands

So much has changed in the world over the past few years, and the world of marketing is no exception. For quite some time, marketing firms and contractors have been used by brands in lieu of direct hires, but these trends have accelerated even for the largest of companies. While most of these marketing experts have worked remotely, many direct hires still report to physical workplaces on a daily basis.

With the pandemic disrupting modern work-life balances, even direct hires are increasingly being asked to work from home. From the perspective of a business or brand, there are a few benefits in doing such.

Therefore, let’s take a look at what businesses stand to gain by employing marketing professionals in a remote working capacity rather than via a traditional on-site work schedule.

Reduced Overhead Costs

One of the biggest advantages brands can enjoy by hiring remote workers rather than requiring them to report to the office is the overall financial savings these entities can enjoy. Every worker within a workspace takes up office space, uses resources and ultimately requires brands to occupy a greater physical footprint. With remote hires, companies no longer have to worry about absorbing additional utility costs, premium square footage that eats away at the bottom line, and a host of other minor yet important cost considerations.

Given that the average marketing professional only needs an internet connection and computer for pinging users with brilliant copy and campaigns, why take on these burdens when new and better methods exist?

Greater Flexibility for All

Besides the concerns surrounding physical space and operational costs, remote marketing hires offer another advantage for brands: increased flexibility. While some tasks may require completion at a specific time or date, most marketing plans can be organized day or night, during the weekday or on the weekends. Remote hires not forced to grind 8 hours per day, 5 days per week can instead be on call whenever, helping to maximize gains for brands committed to optimal digital marketing practices.

Additionally, many marketers themselves will appreciate greater flexibility in this regard. With families and lives of their own to live, having the freedom to complete assignments on-time – but with a bit of flexibility as to when – is a very appealing concept to most marketing gurus.

Improved Morale

Last but not least, consider the morale and feelings of workers in general. Many workers do not wish to be kept in cramped, drab office conditions every day. By having the flexibility and freedom to work from home (or anywhere else, for that matter), marketing hires will be more likely to contribute their best when organizing campaigns and pinging users with marketing approaches..

Additionally, there is much to be said about the effect of morale on concepts such as employee retention. A high rate of turnover due to subpar working conditions can be a nightmare for brands seeking a long-term marketing strategy: better morale will keep your remote hires working for your brand for longer, which is of course great for long-term marketing cohesion.

While not every marketing role needs a full-time or permanent hire, choosing to hire remotely when such is the case can be a worthwhile consideration. Evaluate these dynamics and see if they are desirable solutions for your brand’s marketing future.

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