Other PPC Ad Platforms You Should Be Considering

Without a doubt, platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads remain highly valuable and popular solutions for any and all PPC campaigns. By being able to reach such a vast network of people through a simplified process, it isn’t surprising that many marketing gurus rely heavily – or even exclusively at times – on these options.

Yet there are a host of other options for brands and businesses to consider when reaching new people. Many of them are less popular yet wide-reaching, which means the ads that are placed on them have a better chance of resonating with targeted audiences.

Today, let’s examine a few PPC ad campaign platforms you should be considering in lieu of (or alongside) Facebook and Google.

Amazon Advertising

While Google and Facebook get most of the attention in regards to brands pinging links to audiences, Amazon is another critical contender for boosting visibility. Already generating more than 40% of all e-commerce in the US, Amazon offers unprecedented access to audiences seeking to purchase products. It stands to reason that any business seeking to sell should absolutely consider its offerings.

With custom advertising solutions, Amazon Advertising users can deploy ads through the standard Amazon website, across Fire TV, and a host of other multi-channel advertising options. Unique features such as audio ads are also available via this platform, meaning it is possible to reach audiences through a completely different format on Amazon’s music service.

Throw in a host of other features such as sponsored product placements, video ads and store pages, and there’s virtually nothing a brand can’t utilize when in the business of selling products.

Microsoft Ads

Perhaps one of the most conventional alternatives to Google, Microsoft Ads has expanded greatly over the past few years. Utilizing the vast Microsoft Search Network, brands can reach hundreds of millions of users who are performing billions of searches every single month. Not only can brands reach audiences via Bing through this service, but an increasing number of other platforms are now incorporating their ads as well.

Generally speaking, Microsoft Ads is a cheaper solution than Google Ads, due to less competition driving up the price per click for each ad set and campaign. It is also incredibly simple to import existing ad campaigns from other platforms (including Google) into Microsoft Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is an oft-forgotten social media and digital advertising platform, but it has intrinsic value for many brands who know how to use it. With LinkedIn Ads in particular, reaching specific and professional audiences has never been easier. For those seeking to influence brands and other professionals, the true cost per click also tends to be lower on LinkedIn (while the on-paper cost may be higher, the percentage of qualified leads generated from such is also much better).

Brands on LinkedIn can start pinging links and ads while targeting a wide variety of constituencies, including specific interest groups, jobs and occupations, companies and business size.

While not every PPC ad platform will be right for every brand, there are many useful alternatives that can help people reach new audiences in more efficient methods. It is recommended that you give at least one of these three great solutions a try and see what they can do for your brand!

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