Effective & Uncommon Methods for Building Real Link-Earning Potential

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Generating meaningful and persistent methods for driving traffic to your website is an absolute must in today’s competitive digital atmosphere. While some organic forms of attention – such as traffic from search engines – can be incredibly effective, they can also be fleeting; depending on how much competition you face, other websites can overtake your position in search results and nerf your traffic.

This is one of the many reasons why earning links from other websites or influencers is such a desirable feat. Besides providing meaningful flow to your pages, link building can also enhance existing SEO outcomes as well. But building links isn’t as easy as it was in the past.

To be successful, finding unconventional methods for building links is crucial. Today, we’ll look at some effective yet less popular methods for doing just that.

Provide One-of-a-Kind Insight

Ultimately, the internet is filled with repetitive advice, entertainment and coverage of virtually every topic. When you are pushing content that isn’t inherently different than that served up by dozens of other brands and bloggers, what makes your content stand out? Why would anybody link to it over any other alternative available?

Even for many of the most-covered topics and niches, there are opportunities for creating unique content that covers exclusive angles and considerations. By pinging your website with these types of offerings, you can give incentive to brands, blogs, influencers and everyday social media users to share them with their audiences. This often requires a bit of additional research and investigation in order to produce, but each piece of content created in such a manner will provide more inherent link building value.

Engage with Trending Content

Being relevant in a timely fashion is crucial in generating additional attention. In order to be at the forefront of this dynamic, consistent research and monitoring of trending topics and content must occur. This can be either broader, breaking topics and news-worthy events or specific content pieces and articles created by others.

You can easily monitor emerging topics and trends through the use of alerts and RSS feeds, giving you an opportunity to catch what’s popular as soon as it emerges. Subscribing to content round-ups from popular influencers and brands can also be a sure-fire way to draw inspiration as soon as specific content ideas emerge as valuable.

Provide Free Resources

Brands that can offer tangible value to audiences will find it much easier to generate links than brands that don’t. More specifically, resources and tools designed to assist audiences with one or more complex tasks can be an excellent method for generating a consistent flow of links across blogs, social media and even via email marketing.

Simple yet powerful tools and resources – whether those like we offer that allow you easy access for pinging your website (or others), or something entirely different – can become link-building powerhouses in their own right. A bit of time and investment in this area can go a long way toward creating premium link building strategies.

Link building is a multi-faceted, long-term goal for brands. While there are many common methods for generating links, straying off the beaten path can produce better results (even if they require a bit more effort). Take these recommendations into consideration and find out how you can incorporate them into your broader strategies.

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