Why Proofreading Your Bulk Emails Matters

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 Proofreading EmailsIf your brand has worked its way up from lowly start-up to ever-excelling giant, congratulations: you have accomplished much more than the vast majority of striving online entrepreneurs ever will. There comes a point, however, in which the notoriety of your business or brand comes with certain liabilities and responsibilities. When it comes to email marketing, having the perfect pitch is often considered the biggest element of the game. There is, however, a need to make sure that your bulk emails are properly written and without errors – the following article will address these concerns and explain why you need solid proofreading on any email that is sent.

Your Subscribers Expect It

Many of us grammar hounds will cringe when we receive an email from a well-respected brand that has a noticeable error in it. Naturally, this leaves an impression – in some cases, small and in others, not so small. If your emails consistently have formatting or misspellings in them, readers will associate those imperfections with your brand. Whenever an email from your site, blog or business appears in their inbox, a tiny alarm will go off in their heads, saying, “Oh, there’s Brand X: the people who can’t even send a properly written email”. We expect better from our brands, so you cannot afford to make this mistake with your subscribers.

A Second Set of Eyes Catches Issues

Depending on the size of your brand, you may be the sole person responsible for email marketing (and maybe everything else, for that matter). In cases where regular emails are sent out like this, having only one perspective on the message may prove to be disastrous for PR. When pinging your blog‘s latest content via email, for instance, a second set of eyes may pick up on a conflict in time and topic. A good example would be sending out an email entitled, “How to Pick Your Targets”: while this may relate to the concept of digital marketing and will make sense once the email is opened, sending out such a message in the wake of a mass shooting could prove to be very negative for public relations.

Make Sure the Message is Clear

Another way in which proofreading is essential is that it ensures that your bulk emails adequately address a theme or concern while delivering a concise message. Once you or another person has written an email designed to be pinging your blog’s content to readers, proofreading the content will give it an added layer of scrutiny that ensures your message has no glaring gaps or otherwise fails to communicate the message. Not only will this prevent your readers from looking upon your brand with disdain, but it will help boost your conversion rates by ensuring your content is focused and clear.


Proofreading is critical when sending bulk emails as it helps brands avoid mishaps and negative perceptions that many will face at one point or another. Learning from these shortcomings beforehand can save much frustration and regret later. If you wish to keep your subscribers thinking highly of you, ensure that the message is on-topic and avoid public relations blunders in the process, then proofreading is the simplest and most effective way to safeguard your bulk email’s reputation.

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