Five Reasons Why Thank You Emails are an Untapped Gold Mine

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Gold EmailWhenever someone does a specific task on our behalf – whether warranted or unwarranted – we tend to say, “Thanks”. This simple gesture goes a long way in many societies and can lead to better opportunities for friendship and business. Many websites have already been utilizing a system that sends a thank you message to their followers based on the completion of a specific task or the purchase of a product. If you have not been using thank you emails with your marketing and promotion, then you are missing out on a ton of opportunities. Continue reading to find out the five best reasons you should be utilizing thank you emails when communicating with your readers, clients and customers.

A Solicited Form of Communication

Whenever a customer or user completes an action on your website – such as signing up for a email newsletter – that customer is probably expecting a confirmation email from you in order to know that the submission was received. Rather than just using this as an opportunity to say, “You are now added to our mailing list”, you can also use this as a chance to say thank you and show the individual that you appreciate their business or attention.

Opportunity for Sharing

Individuals will often share emails with their friends and family if they feel that the deal or information in question is valuable and reliable. A thank you email often contains all the basic information about the product or service, and can also be the only particular email that person may receive from you in regards to that transaction. Use these emails as a chance to be friendly, professional and transparent: you can even use this as an opportunity to be pinging links to your social networking portals.

Promote Other Products and Services

If someone has just purchased a particular product or has requested information in regards to a certain subject, then you can also incorporate your thank you email to include references to various items that you offer that can complement their recent purchase or request for information. Depending on the product or particular conversion, you can design various customized emails that address each subject. Since they have already either made a purchase or inquiry, your conversion rate for other items will be much higher than through traditional email campaigns.

Show Your Appreciation

It goes without saying – but a thank you email should seem as convincing and thankful as is possible. Personal connections go a long way; while customized thank you emails may convey a sense of appreciation, you may also find a greater response rate in the future if you follow-up with the customer personally in an actual personalized email. It is not just about pinging links and making conversions, but also about the personal relationships that you build – something that can compete with any marketing solution.

Proven Track Record

What do the statistics say in regards to response rate and conversions on a thank you email versus a general marketing email? There is a clear correlation between a higher conversion rate and thank you emails. You are twice as likely to get a response or conversion through a call-to-action embedded in a thank you email versus a traditional email.

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