Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Always the Answer for Your Small Business

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Question ButtonDo you find that social media interactions take up a considerable amount of time at your company but don’t seem to be delivering the expected results? Well if you do, know that you’re not alone.

Building an effective social media strategy can at times be more art than science. Some of it requires a feeling out period to understand what people interacting on social media in your industry are looking for with businesses that tweet, post on Facebook and share images on Pinterest.

Here are a few reasons why social media may not be delivering what you’re expecting and how to turn the situation around:

1. Focusing Too Much on Follower Numbers Instead of Making Real Connections

Some small businesses believe that social media is all about gaining the largest following in the fastest way possible. However, just like the person who says they have 1,000 friends on Facebook (none of whom they actually know or have even met!), it is quality over quantity that often matters more. Connections are created by getting into the conversations in a useful way. Interact. Be helpful. Highlight ways that the business can help without being overly promotional.

2. Not Keeping Up with Customer Queries on Social Media

When current or potential customers reach out to the business over social media, is your business responding? Do you have a system in place to monitor all your social media channels for these unexpected communications?

Customers ask questions and voice complaints publicly on social media now. It is important that your business maintains a focus on that and is seen to be responding promptly. People using social media in this manner creates an open door right into your customer service department. This can be a blessing or a curse. Get on the right side of it.

3. Is the Corporate Voice a Bit Shaky?

With phones being answered by machine, customers can quickly feel like they can never reach a human being at a business. The internet has its many uses, but it also can create further distance.

Social media is an excellent way to carefully add personality to business communications. Will communication be smart, sensible, irreverent, or cheeky? What style of communication will match the brand?

People will respect a brand, but mostly they’ll connect with people that work at your business if they communicate in the right way.

4. Is the Value Being Clearly Demonstrated?

People are really busy. They can only keep up with so many Twitter streams and Facebook posts in a day. Potential social followers need to understand the value proposition of your business and its social media channels when considering following another social media account. What is in it for them?

How can your products or services solve their problem or help them? What is compelling about your offering?

5. Why You’re Not Getting Leads from Social Media Activity

A posting schedule that is all over the map is never a good idea for a blog, a Facebook business page or even a Pinterest pin board. The people who follow your business like to see consistent, predictable action. This makes them think that your business will be consistent in dealing with them and they’ll be more confident to get in touch. Enough said.

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