How to Pick the Right Keywords for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been in existence for nearly as long as the internet has existed. It received a huge amount of attention roughly 10-15 years ago and has grown in scope and complexity ever since.

Many people who attempt to embrace affiliate marketing look for specific keywords and phrases that have minimal competition. While this can often be a great basis for evaluating keywords, it is not the full picture. There are a number of equally important factors that should be considered as well.

As such, let’s review some recommendations on how you can pick the best keywords for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Be Selective and Specific

For some blogs and brands, reaching audiences only requires providing generalized information. In these situations, people aren’t necessarily looking to buy a product or make a commitment, but the nature of both the brand and the niche itself means a variety of generalized keywords can be used. With affiliate marketing, this is not the case.

You want to be picking keywords and phrases that are both low-competition and target people specifically in the market to purchase. Somebody searching for “portable power supplies” might be looking to buy, but they might also simply be reading up on the product for a completely different reason. Instead, terms such as “best portable power supplies” or “best portable power supplies under $20” more accurately reach specific audiences that are more likely to make a purchase.

Target Comparison Keywords

Both general and branded comparison keywords are a major part of affiliate marketing. For those not familiar with the terms, this simply means that it is best to be pinging search engines with content aimed at helping prospective shoppers decide for themselves which products are best. This can be either targeted at specific brands or for a range of products within a particular niche.

With this information in mind, the use of keyword research and explorer tools becomes paramount. These utilities can help you potentially uncover dozens or even hundreds of suitable comparison keywords in a short period of time. Simply input main keywords relating to the content you review or evaluate on your website and receive a list of contenders. From there, you can filter out any options that aren’t comparison keywords.

Embrace Review-Based Keywords

Last but not least, it is vital to consider keywords that mesh very well with the primary method affiliate marketing: reviews. Keywords and phrases that include the words “review” or “ratings” in them can be naturally great fits for affiliate marketing, as many people who will be searching for these products have already done enough research to know they want to make a purchase (but simply need a bit more information before committing to a specific item).

By pinging search engines with review-based keywords and phrases, your affiliate marketing potential will naturally be enhanced beyond simply targeting low-volume niche comparison keywords.

Affiliate marketing is in many ways a science, but there is always room for improvement. Remember that using review-based keywords, embracing comparison keywords and utilizing strategies that make keyword selection precise can naturally improve the conversion rates and commissions earned via affiliate marketing.

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