Three Tips for Designing a Website That Will Increase Conversions

Drive ConversionsFailing to design a website for your online business that will effectively attract customers and entice them to make purchases will lead to the demise of your organisation. Some entrepreneurs focus on other aspects of their business while forgetting about the importance of a high quality and intelligently designed website with the latest trends in mobile shopping. But it’s more important than ever to avoid website design mistakes. Continue reading for three tips that will help you and your team design an online store that will actually increase conversions and profits.

Avoid Over-the-Top Designs

If you’re focused more on the design of your website rather than its functionality, you need to take a step back and really think about what your potential customers want out of your site. They want to be able to go to your site, have it load up really quickly, and be so easy to navigate that they can find exactly what they need within minutes. Then, after finding what they need from your company, they should be able to put it into their virtual carts and proceed securely through the checkout process with ease.

Also, a website that has a lot of bells and whistles might look great on a computer screen, but it simply won’t translate on mobile devices, and most of the people who are surfing the Internet and shopping online every day are using their tablets and smartphones to get the job done. By failing to design a website that’s functional and that translates well to mobile devices, you’ll be losing out on a lot of customers and profits.

Design Your Site Around Your Target Audience

When it comes to designing an effective website, you need to create one that’s really targeted to the audience you wish to attract. Although it might be really tempting to just design a functional website and launch it as soon as possible in order to get your business up and running, this is a big mistake because you aren’t taking out enough time to properly research your market and consider their needs.

Don’t try to please everyone. Instead, focus on the people who are visiting your site and cater to their preferences and needs. If your audience consists of a younger demographic, make sure your site is compatible with mobile devices or that it’s connected to social media pages that they use every day to keep track of the things that they enjoy. On the other hand, if you’re catering your business to an older demographic, you may want to use clearer, larger fonts while making your site really simple and easy to navigate.

Keep Fresh Content Coming

To ensure visitors that you’re still in business and you’re still relevant, always keep your content fresh. Update your blog at least weekly in order to generate more traffic to your site through search engines. Make sure you’re continually offering new products. And only link to your social media pages if you have large followings. Otherwise, people may think that you aren’t popular enough and they may question whether it’s worth shopping on your site after all.

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