Why AI Content Will Never Surpass Human Content

Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly and as it does, we are finding more ways to take advantage of it.  AI is being used to control lights and appliances in our homes, help us drive, and even create content. Because we have already seen the capabilities of AI in other areas, there is the question of whether AI can create content that surpasses human content. The common consensus is that AI will never create content that surpasses anything created by humans, and we are going to explore the reasons below.

How AI Creates Content

To better understand why AI will never be able to do this, we must first understand how AI creates content. The technology uses Natural Language Generation to create written content depending on the data and the prompts that have been supplied. AI also uses neural networks to do this with the largest neural network being GPT 3.

Although it can write to a decent level and has been used to create news articles in the past, writers do not need to panic.


One key quality of a good writer is creativity. Given a scenario, both a writer and an AI software can create content around it. However, a human can add creative elements to their writing that AI cannot. The AI will tell you, for example, how the ocean or beach looks and feels, while a human will explain it in such a creative way that you picture yourself in the ocean or the beach.

Filling in The Gaps

AI is great at gathering data and factual information and using both to create content. This content will often come off as bland because the AI did not fill in the gaps. As humans, we draw from our experiences and past works to fill in the gaps to flesh out stories and content that need a lot more than raw data, figures, and facts.


Writing is not all about putting words to paper as it is also about making the writing feel authentic. We do this by selecting the right tone for the type of content we are writing and using the right emotions to help readers connect with that content. Humans also draw from anecdotal experiences to make their writing feel more grounded and authentic.

It is possible to tweak content that is written by AI, but it will always come off as generic because it will not connect with the reader at a deeper level unless it is heavily edited. At that point, who is writing the content?

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Good writers use variation in their writing. This variation usually involves changing sentence structures, word orders, paragraph lengths, and more. This variety removes monotony and boredom and makes the content more readable and engaging. AI is unable to replicate the level of variance that makes the content feel like it was written by a human.

Artificial intelligence is great, but there are areas where humans will always be superior. We have inherent characteristics, qualities, and styles that AI will never be able to replicate. That is why such content will never surpass anything written by a human.

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