The Pros and Cons of Using Freelancers to Produce SEO Content

Creating SEO content that ranks and converts is a lot of work. To ensure the best results, you typically have three options: hire an SEO company, hire an employee, or engage the services of a freelancer. Freelancers can be an excellent option for starting and sustaining your SEO strategy, but there are some drawbacks you should be aware of when you decide to go with a freelancer.

Freelancers are a Budget-friendly Option

Freelancers are often much cheaper than hiring an SEO company or in-house employees. Many freelancers calculate their expected hourly rate according to how fast they work and the quality of the work they produce which leads to their rates being much more affordable.

Freelancers are Often Specialists in their Field

Most freelancers are specialists in one or two fields. This means that when you hire an SEO writer, you get a specialist SEO writer with enough experience and expertise behind them. An SEO specialist will be able to not only produce enough content but also be able to produce content that ranks and converts.

A Long-term Freelance Can Ensure Continuity

Continuity is critical to SEO, especially when you consider that you need to avoid duplicate content and consistently find topics to add to your website. An SEO freelancer knows what they have written for the website, the styles that resonate best with your audience, and the content that fits best with such an audience. A long-term SEO writer helps you avoid situations where a freelancer is writing in a vacuum, creating duplicate content and content that your audience is not interested in.

Freelancers are Flexible

Freelancers can adapt to your changing needs. Has your business grown to where you require additional content every week or month? A freelancer can accommodate these additional requirements. Freelancers are also flexible enough that they can go with the flow of your business, especially for those whose content needs come and go.

Quality is Not Always Guaranteed

One of the biggest challenges when choosing freelancers is that you do not know the quality of their work. Although not a definite metric, you can expect to get what you pay for, with more expensive freelancers producing much better work. It is, therefore, not advisable to go with the cheapest freelancer. Instead, pick one with enough experience and testimonials behind them to improve your chances of getting high-quality work back.

They May Not Understand Your Entire Strategy

SEO is about strategy. You need to have a strategy for everything, from researching and writing content to promoting it. A freelance SEO writer who does not understand your strategy, especially around content creation may struggle to understand and produce what you need. There might also be a breakdown if different parts of your marketing, including SEO writing, are handled by remote freelancers who do not communicate as they should.

Finding a Good Freelancer Can Take Time

For this role, you need a freelancer who has experience writing and with SEO. Finding one who fits this description can take some time and lots of trial and error.

Hiring a freelancer can be great for your business. Consider the lower pay, flexibility, and deep industry knowledge. There are also some drawbacks you should be aware of before going ahead.

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