Which Types of Content Earn the Most Links?

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Link building continues to remain a cornerstone of content marketing and SEO strategy. Without a proactive approach that results in backlinks, most brands have difficulty organically ranking for select SERPs in Google, Bing and other search engines. Thankfully, earning links can be relatively easy if you have something of value to offer.

But how you offer that content can dramatically affect outcomes. Some forms of content perform better than others among audiences, and some types of content naturally earn more links. If you’re looking to improve your standing with search engines, then you need to know which content types to push. Today, we’ll talk about the types of content that earn the most backlinks and attention.

News Pieces

By far the most commonly linked content, news pieces generate an overwhelming share of the links on the internet today. The great thing about this form of content is that it can transcend any particular type: whether it is a video, blog post, traditional article or another form of content, websites link back to news-related items. Any brand or website that is pinging servers with news items is bound to generate backlinks given enough effort, making it by far the best choice for brands that can pull off this type of content delivery.

Product Pages

There’s a big reason behind why reviews in the form of blog posts and articles have become so common: they deliver backlinks in a major way. Consistently the second-most common type of content to receive links from other sources, product pages can create plenty of SEO rapport for brands that utilize them. This can be in the form of a review – which is common – but can also be general product pages that include specifications, benefits and other general information. As more and more people do both their shopping and product evaluations online, generating links by sharing information on products can be a boon to link generation.


Regardless of the content itself, one sure-fire way to earn links back to your website is by creating videos. Video-based content performs consistently well across all mediums – whether it be email campaigns, social media or blogs. By promoting ideas via videos, complex ideas, entertaining adventures and anything else can be easily summarized and absorbed by audiences. This is one major reason why people increasingly demand more video content from their favorite brands. With mobile devices more powerful than ever, more audiences are able to enjoy this content not just from home, but on the go as well, making it a very popular and alluring type of content to offer.

Blog Posts

Last but not least, the good ol’ blog post continues to be a prime generator of backlinks for brands from all walks of life. This is a big part of the reason why you’ll see businesses – even those that you might think would have little to blog about – churning out their very own blogs for the masses. Since many people do still prefer to read and share ideas via text, a straightforward blog post can be a sure-fire way to generate links from other sources. At the same time, it remains a very solid approach to earning rapport with search engines, thereby building links of a different type (i.e. those in search engine results).

With link generation continuing to be an important element of furthering any brand’s web presence, creating the right types of content to facilitate that is a must. By pinging servers with blog posts, videos, product-related content and news, you’ll be able to generate the maximum number of links, thereby delivering SEO clout and traffic above and beyond your current levels.

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