What Any SEO Firm or Consultant Should Be Able to Answer

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Building a successful SEO strategy that produces results is a long-term effort. While money may not be required in large amounts for a DIY strategy, plenty of time and personal dedication are definitely essential. Because of the time commitments involved, many people and brands decide to outsource this work to somebody else.

With many SEO firms and consultants available to provide these services, it can be tempting to enlist their services. Many are top-notch entities that can produce tangible results, but not all firms and consultants are good choices. When deciding on any SEO firm or consultant, the prospective service providers should be able to answer a few questions. Let’s talk about which questions you need to ask when interviewing for this service.

Requests for Referrals

Any notable firm or consultant with experience in the game should be able to provide a list of references and referrals on demand. Simply put, SEO consultants should be bound to the same requirements as anyone else seeking employment – whether it’s temporary or not. The good news is that qualified SEO consultants and firms will be able to provide this information without hesitation. When pinging networks in the SEO world for this kind of information, you’ll get an initial idea of who to consider and who to set aside: anybody who can’t provide this information isn’t worth considering.

Exact Procedures for Improving Rankings

SEO isn’t exactly a science, but it’s not abstract to the point that clear goals and procedures don’t exist. As such, any SEO firm or consultant should be able to easily articulate what exactly they are able to do for your website’s rankings. Depending on the niche, budget and other factors, the overall strategy may vary. However, concrete, action-oriented plans can be easily described by any firm or consultant who has the experience and the knowledge.

If a prospective firm or consultant cannot provide you with specific examples of how they will improve your rankings over time, then consider a different entity.

Specific Skillsets for All Types of SEO

Before you sign any contract for SEO work, it’s vital that you explore the depth and breadth of any consultant’s knowledge. SEO comes in many different formats depending on your brand’s audience and focus. While many people think of SEO as just one big entity, there are actually numerous types of SEO that can benefit different brands in different ways. For example, local SEO and mobile SEO are two subsets of the industry that may provide immense value to your efforts alongside one another.

By verifying that any firm or consultant is equipped to handle all angles of SEO, you’re likely to get better results.

Compliance with Search Engine Protocols

Sadly, there are some SEO firms out there that promise big results in little to no time at all. These firms are either misleading their clients or using strategies that may show big results in the short-term but nevertheless do permanent damage once search engines detect the methods used. This type of black-hat SEO can result in your website being penalized and ultimately nerfed or eliminated from search results altogether.

Because of this, it’s crucial to verify that any SEO company is pinging networks with links, content and strategies that are complaint with search engine algorithms. Firms and consultants should be able to verify that they do in fact abide by these firms before any agreement is reached.

Any firm or consultant worth hiring should be able to answer a few questions and/or supply a few pieces of information before handling your SEO endeavors. By asking the right information up-front, you can avoid potentially damaging or inferior outcomes and ensure that the people working on behalf of your brand truly understand what’s at stake.

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