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As more and more competitors fill every niche in search engines, building a credible and authoritative presence is more important than ever. Even in relatively small niches, the competition can be stiff: small businesses, local brands and casual bloggers must work hard to be visible in search results.

One way in which websites can both improve their search engine visibility and garner more traffic independently of that is through earning links. These backlinks help drive more people to your website and give search engines an indicator that your domain can be trusted.

As such, we’ll look today at which forms of content are the best choices for earning links and growing your traffic.


Arguably one of the biggest generators of backlinks for websites large and small is the infographic. This form of content excels because it often accumulates a large amount of information and transforms it into an easy-to-understand visual piece of art.

For those pinging servers with detailed explanations and lots of data-points, the infographic is often an inevitable outcome. Because it can take large amounts of information and display them simplistically, more people are likely to find interest in this content. When factoring in that and the fact that many people prefer visual forms of content, it should be no surprise that earning links via infographics is one of the better strategies available.

Numbered/Bulleted Blog Posts

For whatever reason, we as humans can’t get enough of numbered and/or bullet-point content. Take one look at any blog or major website and you’re likely to find posts with titles such as “8 Easy Ways to Clean the Home”, “Five Must-Know Facts Before Planning a Trip”, and so forth.

It is natural for people to want to know what they’re getting before clicking on a link: content that clearly outlines how much info the reader will obtain while also leaving a bit of suspense do very well. Because they’re in-demand by so many, many websites love linking back to this content.

Guides, How-tos and Walkthroughs

Learning about new things is now easier than ever thanks to the internet, but finding all of the relevant information in one place – and on one page – can still be challenging. For brands wanting to earn more backlinks, there is inherent value in creating guides, how-tos and other walkthrough-like content.

By explaining in relevant succession how to perform a task, build an item or otherwise complete an objective, you’ll be pinging servers with valuable information that can be found in one place. Many websites and even social media users love sharing links to this form of content with their audiences, because it simplifies the explanation process and gives the audience exactly what they need. Because of this, how-to content is arguably one of the most popular styles on the internet today.

Building the best content imaginable should be a goal for every online brand or business. However, to truly accelerate your brand’s growth and increase visibility, earning backlinks is imperative. Certain types of content do better than others; now that you’re aware of which forms of content earn the most links, you can tweak your strategy to take advantage of this.


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